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310RE: [MidwestCemeteries] expeditions

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  • Minda Powers-Douglas
    May 8, 2008
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      I'm working on getting more gravestone rubbings for a
      project I'm working on. I'll stay local, though.
      Chippiannock in Rock Island is where I'm hoping to go.
      There and Oakdale in Davenport, Iowa.

      By the way, I've started making my own gravestone
      rubbing kits. I'll be selling them on my site soon for
      $15.99, which is cheaper than the other ones I've been
      selling. Just trying to help keep costs down for
      taphophiles in this fun economy. What you save on a
      kit, you can put in your gas tank!

      Happy haunting, everybody!


      --- gpepin@... wrote:



      Where are you going? I am currently in middle
      Indiana, may do a little around here but I have done
      this area for the last two years. Lots of White Bronze
      monuments around here. Then I am going to Gulfport,
      MS. Anybody have any suggestions there?


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      Subject: [MidwestCemeteries] expeditions
      From: Matt Hucke <hucke@...>
      Date: Wed, May 07, 2008 8:05 pm
      To: MidwestCemeteries@yahoogroups.com

      Is anyone planning any graveyard expeditions soon?

      I may try to do a major one (3-5 days) in a week or
      two, if the weather
      forecast looks good.

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