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309Re: [MidwestCemeteries] expeditions

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  • Foxie Hagerty
    May 7, 2008
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      We are having a dowsning class in Mt. Vernon on May 31, 2008. On my way there or after I get there I have plans to visit in Bond and Marion County which are not all that far from there at all.  it will be at one pm at a cemetery in Mt. Vernon.
      Also, in June 28, 2008, at the Springdale Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL we are planning a cemetery walk and another dowsing class for those closer to here. Marty will be the one with the Dowsing class. I might be an expert when I get done but I doubt it. I am still skeptical of it even after my trip to Lake Co., IL in April. I like to see things and I would have to dig down there to make sure if it was me, I guess. but some people believe it is relaxing to me though.
      that is some of my plans and anyone is welcome to join and when get the rest of the particulars will be posting them right along too.
      I can't wait for school to be out cuz also going to NE and Kansas and Kentucky. So ought to be alot of cemeteries between Knox co., IL and all those places. what a summer. can't wait.
      Happy days.
      Foxie Hagerty
      1635 Sherwood Road
      Dahinda, IL 61428
      Phone: 309-337-5530
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      Matt Hucke <hucke@...> wrote:

      Is anyone planning any graveyard expeditions soon?

      I may try to do a major one (3-5 days) in a week or two, if the weather
      forecast looks good.

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