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61RE: [MidrealmAandS50Challenge] Re: *Updates for A&S 50 Challenge Projects and final Exhibitions*

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  • Cat Berdanier
    Jul 20, 2014
      Greetings THL Johnnae,
      Thank you for your extensive participation in the Challenge!  I am sorry you will not be able to attend either the Pennsic or the Society Exhibitions.  I do hope that you might make the Pentamere Region one though.
      I am encouraging everyone to put up their info on the Society page!  That is not a registration of participation in the actually display, that is just a collection of people who are participating throughout the known world to share, and for some that may mean only electronically, what they have been working on. 
      I am taking registrations for participation separate from the e-list on the Society pages.
      Baroness Cathryn

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      From: MidrealmAandS50Challenge@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 09:16:46 -0400
      Subject: [MidrealmAandS50Challenge] Re: *Updates for A&S 50 Challenge Projects and final Exhibitions*


      I sent this query yesterday but as it did not post, I gather it has vanished in the Yahoo neverland of lost posts. My apologies if this posts twice.

      If one is NOT going to be at either Pennsic 2015 or at the Golden 50th in 2016, should one register on the 50th pages? I am already registered on the project webpages for the Society and Kingdom. If you are not going to be present, do you register and state that? Do you register if you do not maintain a facebook, webpage, blog or online diary? I am afraid that my health precludes me being at either event.

      Since my project has consisted of primarily of articles, guides, booklets and books (research, writing, submission, publication and even production on cds), I have not displayed my growing pile of old fashioned print papers or the reference sheets with bookmarks for the electronic publications. My personal goal, well within reach, remains 250.


      Johnnae llyn Lewis, CE

      My latest two articles published in this kingdom-

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