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59RE: [MidrealmAandS50Challenge] Registration Question (at Pennsic)

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  • Cat Berdanier
    Jul 20, 2014
    Greetings Lady Brynn,
    Thank you for your participation in the A&S 50 Challenge!  I will be at the A&S Fair on the middle Sunday of Pennsic.  I hope to man the table for the majority of the time they are open but I do want to see the exhibits too so I'll be wandering around the fair a bit.  I will have the sign up sheet at the table even if I can't be sitting there the whole time, and with luck I have a sub who can help answer questions.  Pennsic being Pennsic however, schedules do get changed without notice on occasion.
    I'm also camped with Holt Herotus (next camp to Midroyal as you head down Runestone Hill) if you want to stop by just to chat.  My device should be up on the gate if I'm in.
    As a last option, since you are from the Midrealm, I will also be at other Midrealm events pushing the final year of the Challenge!
    Baroness Cathryn


    To: MidrealmAandS50Challenge@yahoogroups.com
    From: MidrealmAandS50Challenge@yahoogroups.com
    Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 01:34:54 -0500
    Subject: [MidrealmAandS50Challenge] Registration Question (at Pennsic)

    Good Morning Your Excellency!

    You had mentioned that we should stop by at Pennsic to register our displays for 50 year/Pennsic next year. Are there specific days/times that the table is being manned, or can we register during most "reasonable" daylight hours?

    Kind regards,
    _-=-_   _-=-_   _-=-_
    Brynniulfr "Brynn" Herleifsson
    Protégé to HE Mistress Elena de Vexin, OP
    Apprentice to Mistress Kirsten Thorsteinsdottir
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