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31RE: [MidrealmAandS50Challenge] Re: [AandS50ChallengeCommunity] Queries and the Society 50 Year Exhibition

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  • Anthony Satoh
    Sep 26, 2013
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      Regarding your question:  "Is anyone else doing multiples of the original 50 A&S Challenge items?"

      I am doing a few versions of the challenge.
      I have completed two of the challenges but keep counting items in hopes to double up and make 100 items.
      Here are my challenges to myself.
      A&S 50 Depth Challenge I
      I've chosen to do 50 articles of garb.
      I have completed 65 items for this category.
      50 of any one type of thing, in order to push your skills and knowledge to new levels (how broadly you define this is up to you)
      A&S 50 Depth Challenge II
      As part of my Breadth challenge I wanted to challenge myself at trying something scribal.  I started  having so much fun with the scrolls that I have decided to add another Depth Challenge to my never ending list of projects.
      I've chosen to do 50 award scrolls and 50 scroll cases.
      I have completed 44 scrolls and 44 scroll cases for this category.
      A&S 50 Breadth Challenge
      I've chosen to do 50 new things, or new variations.
      I have completed 72 items for this category.
      Do/make/learn 50 new and different things (how new, and how different is up to you/your group)
      A&S 50 Persona Challenge
      Making/learning 50 different things that your persona would know, have, or know how to do.
      I have completed 39 items for this category.
      I've chosen to make 50 things that a my persona would make or have.   I plan on only counting things that are made in an authentic manner.  A lot of the garb I make and plan to make for the other challenges are for other people.  In general I don't plan on hand stitching an outfit which will take 200+ hours unless I get to wear it! 

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