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27Re: [AandS50ChallengeCommunity] Planning for the Society 50 Year Exhibition

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  • Julie Washington
    Jul 18, 2013
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      Cat, the stuff in your second email sounds workable to me. Perhaps, though, we could ask participants to bring their own bowl for tokens and notebook? It could help keep costs down.
      I have found (through doing various A&S displays) that some people really want to be told *exactly* how much space they have. Maybe you could come up with a "standard space" -- maybe 1/2 of an 6-foot table? Anyone needing more than that would go into the "large display" category.
      Can I make a plea on behalf of the bards? Can a corner of the room be set aside for bards to do a 10-min. set to represent their Challenge? Music and storytelling might also pull folks into the display room.
      Thanks for great ideas, everyone!
      Jolicia atte Northclyfe









      On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 3:59 PM, Cat Berdanier <baroness_cat@...> wrote:

      All wonderful questions Christine. I will present them and try to have more answers for you as we get closer. I would like to compile ideas before setting things in stone.

      There is one hard and fast rule that Albreda would like to see enforced. Documentation is not required. It is however an optional piece if you wish to use it.

      As for space, I'm told we have plenty but that is always a relative term. We might have so many pre-reservations that large indoor displays will not be possible, in which case, possibly pictures of the items might be appropriate.

      A budget has yet to be set. Would people be interested in making donations on the day to cover some costs if we were to have everybody start on an even keel with a note book, a small bowl for tokens, and a pre-printed sign with their name and challenge(s)? I would also like to provide some refreshments for those who are displaying items.

      Security will probably be up to each individual. Sit with your things during the display or have pictures of the items. This will be a huge exhibition and I can not have eyes on everything. I will try to get volunteers or neighboring Challengers to help stand in for bathroom breaks and the like however.

      I do not believe we will be doing tablecloths as many people would like to bring what suits their display best.

      Appropriate display will be up to you, including table top easels. Photo albums, journals, printouts all are acceptable if the items will not be there in person. Free standing pieces should be okay but as yet, I can't tell you how much space. I will check about items up on the walls.

      Keep the dialogue running so that I can best serve the needs of the many.


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      Julie E. Washington

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