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24Re: [MidrealmAandS50Challenge] Planning for the Society 50 Year Exhibition

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  • Carrot Khan
    Jul 17, 2013
      In the few A&S displays I've been in, I've noticed they always take place opposite the fighting and there's a huge swath of the population that never sees what's on display.  Granted, at smaller events there's only just so much time/space in which to keep things up/out and it just isn't feasible to either hold A&S open longer or end fighting early.  But maybe when events are of an extended length - it might be possible to schedule the display on a day where there isn't a battle (if such things even exist) or to have it open past the time that the battlefield closes so that the other half of the SCA can see what the artist are doing?

      Long shot, I know.

      Tapestry Chick

      On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 8:24 AM, Cat Berdanier <baroness_cat@...> wrote:

      Greetings Fellow Challengers,
      I have been asked to work up a plan for the 50 year exhibition of our fine works.  We are looking at having a single day of displays in a huge room that should be big enough for all indoor type displays.  Pre-Registration will be required for planning purposes but I was wondering about a couple of things that also need to be organized ahead of time:
      What day of the week would you like to see this scheduled for?
      Will there be outdoor type displays for any of our Challengers' work?
      Would performers prefer a separate location or would they like to be in with all the other displays?
      Are they any special needs that might be known at this time?
      Cathryn of Chester
      Middle Kingdom A&S 50 Challenge Coordinator

      SCA 50th Year Anniversary Celebration

      is being hosted by the Middle Kingdom on June 17-27, 2016, at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Center in Danville, Indiana. www.SCA50year.org

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