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Re: AK950 annunciator panel stolen

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  • Susan
    Bill, We had considered the Dynon second time around. very nice piece. However decided against putting that much in 1 instrument right now. We were fortunate
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 1, 2009

      We had considered the Dynon second time around. very nice piece.
      However decided against putting that much in 1 instrument right now.
      We were fortunate that we paid less then 10grand for the BMA.Itwas
      sent back to the company many many times for different repairs. It
      never worked out of the box and like you sat for awhile before being
      installed. We were the very first ones to buy one so was alot of
      repairs and it was the guiny pig. On the last repair when it was the
      motherboard (actually this was the 2nd box BMA sent us) Greg tried to
      talk us into purchasing a new one for 14,000. we told him the first
      2 did not work why should we buy another one that was not guaranteed
      to work. The panel is very nice now and now we can get in the plane
      and actually go somewhere. I dont know how many trips got cancelled
      because we would go to leave and the efis would not work. I agree
      the local police are no help at all. We finally got our replacement
      from ameriking so cant wait to fly again.

      --- In Mid-AtlRVwing@yahoogroups.com, "Bill Judge" <bjudge@...> wrote:
      > Sorry to hear about the theft. I have heard that the local Cops are
      > generally useless for that. A few years ago Suburban airport was
      getting hit
      > regularly and the pilots had video and Still couldn't get any
      > I feel your pain when it comes to BMA, I have a EFIS lite that
      never worked
      > and is gaining dust in my hangar. Despite Being in the homebuilt
      > where most people have at least a year delay between delivery of
      > and actual flying they won't refund. I bought a Dynon and
      Considered the
      > BMA a $3500 lesson in Life.
      > On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 9:06 AM, Susan <msgilland@...> wrote:
      > > We Purchased an ak950 for a kln90b in october from ameriking. It
      > > arrived Dec 1st and was stolen within an hour. It list the price
      > > it in the box and what it is used for so the person knows the
      > > I also had a box from HP taken along with this one but not nearly
      > > expensive. we filed a police report and told our local airports.
      > > and SHD. If anyone hears of this trying to be sold at airports
      > > you let us know.
      > >
      > > We are redoing the panel in our RV7A. This was the last piece of
      > > puzzle patiently waiting almost 2 months for it. So was greatly
      > > disappointed when it arrived and was stolen because it then took
      > > another 3 weeks to get this. So the poor plane has not been
      flying in
      > > months.
      > >
      > > We had a Blue Mountain Efis which is trash because the mother
      > > went out after 100 hours and they have no replacements. SO we are
      > > starting over from scratch again with instruments. because of the
      > > efis having problems since we bought it the RV7A has been sitting
      > > more then flying. so we are looking forward to getting this
      > > so we can start flying again. We have missed out on alot of flyins
      > > because of the efis.
      > >
      > > So if anyone hears of an AK950 annunciator panel trying to be sold
      > > could you please let us know. Happy Flying. Mark and Susan
      > >
      > >
      > >
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