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  • gas_menace
    Oct 7, 2013
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      Hi Amy

      There are any number of Herbison, McMullan and Paul farming families in the town lands in and around the Ahoghill area. My GG aunt Eliza Rodgers of Tullygrawley married an Adam Herbison from Carnlea at Killymurris Presbyterian and they later (in 1890) emigrated to the US, finishing up in Illinois. as did several of their children. Of course, he's not "your" Adam, as his father was Peter Herbison, but he will almost certainly be related.

      I find http://www.thebraid.com/genealogy.aspx is a great way of sorting them out using every possible spelling, - sometimes there are even different spellings on the same grave stone.

      Other Ballymena area marriages of McMullans or McMullens with father's name "Patrick" that I can find are:

      Nov 2 1848 Patrick McMullan to Ellen Mallahan in Balymena Registrar's Office

      Jan 5 1849 Alexander McMullan to Elizabeth McMullan in Mallymena First Presbyterian

      Hope this helps


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      Thank you, Elwyn.

      Here is my transcription, and the attached record, courtesy of Tom McMillan's search:

      Marriage solemnized at _McG?i?l Church_ in the _Parish_ of _Ahoghill_ in the _Co Antrim_

      John McMullen (20 - Bachelor) and Mary Herbison (21 - Spinster)
      Rank or Profession: Laborer
      Residence: Laymore
      Father's name and surname: Patrick McMullen (Stone Mason) and Adam Herbison (Farmer)

      Married in the _Parish Church_ according to the rites and ceremonies of the United Church of England and Ireland
      by ???
      William Tyrrell Rector

      in the presence of us _Hugh O Graham_ _Matthew Herbison_

      (Looks like it says "her mark" around Hugh O Graham?)

      Thank you,


      On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 3:16 PM, Elwyn Soutter <elwynsoutter@...> wrote:
      If you have the 1854 marriage certificate, what were John & Mary’s townlands (addresses) on that certificate? What was John’s occupation and what were the 2 father’s occupations? What church did they marry at in Ahoghill?
      The names Herbison and McMullen are both quite common in the Ballymena area. If I know which townland they came from I may be able to narrow the search
      There are several Adam Herbison and numerous McMullen/an deaths on the Braid site, but as I say I’d need the townland and occupations to try and see if any may be your family. (Farmers would generally be wealthy enough to have a gravestone, agricultural labouers/weavers would not).


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      Subject: [Mid-AntrimGenealogy] RE: McMullen or McMullan, Herbison, and Orr of County Antrim

      Hi, everybody.

      My father is Tom McMillan's Y-DNA match. Like he said, we're trying to find information regarding John H McMullen and Mary Herbison. Tom found a marriage record for them at Ahoghill in 1854.

      Also of interest to me is anything on the Herbison family. Mary Herbison's parents were Adam Herbison and Jane Paul, according to her 1909 Nebraska Death Certificate. She was estimated to be 76 years old when she died. Her headstone indicates she was born September 26, 1832.


      I am just getting started -- I honestly didn't know my McMullen line had connection to Ireland until our match with Tom and the arrival of Mary Herbison's death certificate last month. As recently as March, I was stuck on my great-grandfather George Adam McMullen, until we discovered that family lore that he was related (and named for) Nebraska's Governor Adam McMullen was true (and he claimed to be from Scotland).

      Thank you for any help or wisdom you can provide.

      Amy (McMullen)

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      Yes. Of course.

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      Dwight just thought of it - Gaston.  I saw it on the Encumbered Records a few days ago but had forgotten it again.  Sad :O)

      On Sep 27, 2013, at 1:56 PM, Elwyn Soutter wrote:



      Yes I think that's right. I looked in my notes but can't see it but I think you are right. However I do remember Mrs H saying she didn't know much about her or her husband's families.  Like most families here she could only go back about 3 generations. Earlier history was lost in the mists of time.


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      Subject: [Mid-AntrimGenealogy] RE: McMullen or McMullan, Herbison, and Orr of County Antrim


      Was the family living in my Burnside property - Herbison?  Neither Dwight nor I can remember their name.


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      Hi All

      I've frequented the County Down Group for several years, and I'm new to the Antrim Group.

      I recently had a notification of a very good male y-DNA match from FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) where I tested. The earliest known ancestor of that match, was a John H McMullen who married a Mary Herbison at Ahoghill, County Antrim in 1854 according to a listing I've accessed at familysearch.org.  I'm hoping to find out more about McMullen's and Herbison's who lived in this area. I'm also interested in knowing more about Ahoghill.  It appears John's father was a Patrick McMullen, and the father of Mary was Adam Herbison. Most of this fits those I am researching and I think it is the correct marriage for the couple I"m researching. This couple were in New York by 1855, and by 1883 in Nebraska. I think my common ancestry would stem from Ireland.

      My own GG Grandfather was John McMullen/McMullan who married Margaet Orr at the Downpatrick Cathedral (C of I) May 2, 1844. John and Margaret had Arthur in Downpatrick in 1845, and were in Quebec by 1847. My John disappeared in Quebec by the 1851/52 census. Margaret and the boys were in Montreal that census, Margaret shows as married, but John is not on the census. They are staying with a Johnston family. I don't have a birth record for my John McMullen, so I'm not sure where or when he was born. My John McMullen was shown as a shoemaker on Arthur's birth record. I've found an Arthur McMullen born at Downpatrick about 1780 who was a shoemaker and served in the British Military. He could be John's father, but?? I've also thought my John could have been from County Antrim. He was said to have been disowned by his family for his marriage choice, so maybe they eloped to a different area??

      The 1861 Canada (Toronto) census, showed Margaret Orr was born at County Antrim. A sampler a family member has shows Margaret sewed it in 1833 at 10 years of age, so I believe she was born about December 1822. Margaret married at least 3 more times after John disappeared. On marriage records Margaret's parent's show as David and Catherine Orr. Hope to find out more about my Orr's also.

      Appreciate any thoughts or assistance.

      Thanks so much!!  Tom McMillan (Washougal, WA, USA)

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