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Re: [Microscope] Do I have the right lamp?

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  • Peter Giese
    Hi Vlado, you wrote [NARVA site] ... Indeed. That helped me to identify my type, as the old bulbs had a different name. ... Yes, they are. NARVA is part of
    Message 1 of 18 , Apr 1, 2001
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      Hi Vlado, you wrote

      [NARVA site]

      > That`s right! I wondered if there was something wrong with my web browser
      > last night, when I checked out the site. But decided to try the flash
      > version (was tempted by the intro! LOL!) and it worked! These are the bulbs
      > I need. It`s nice that they did put drawings of the different bulb types as
      > well. :-))

      Indeed. That helped me to identify my type, as the old bulbs had a
      different name.

      > Sent them an e-mail with inqiry if they could supply me with
      > bulbs through the car lightbulb dealers here. Do you know if this NARVA is
      > the ex-DDR NARVA?

      Yes, they are. NARVA is part of Philips now.

      > > I bought a Zeiss Ergaval two weeks ago. I don't have the slightest
      > > idea how old it is, but it was mint (still packed and sealed). If only
      > Ergavals are nice! And the age doesn`t matter much when it comes to
      > microscopes.
      > Are the objectives achros or plan-achros?

      I'd think they are just achros. I tested them with some old diatom
      slides, and the frustules wander out of focus at the outer edge of the
      field. As I'm mainly interested in pond life that doesn't matter that
      much at the moment. Maybe later when I make more permanent slides.

      And speaking of objectives: in news:sci.techniques.microscopy they say
      that one should never ever even think of combining optics from
      different manufacturers, whereas I read here that many people are very
      happy with e.g. Lomo objectives. Is this especially true for
      'Zeissians', because we have a common history with Lomo? In the near
      future I'd be more interested in a decent darkfield condenser, though.

      > > I could find a manual somewhere.
      > Didn`t it come along with one? :-(

      It came with a note saying that there should be a manual as well. <g>
      Perhaps I'll write to the Zeiss museum in Jena.

      > I`m looking for a manual for my Nf ,too.
      > But the chance of success is minimal, as this is a circa 1960 model. Black
      > and nice! A fine setup that I won`t change for anything else in the World!
      > Almost... :-)

      He he. Beautiful instruments.

      > >It took me three days to find out
      > > that it has a swing out filter in the illuminator. <lol>
      > A good feature, when you work with plain glass bulbs. It is present in my Nf
      > as well, but as I use a frosted glass bulb right now it is not needed and
      > I`ve swinged it out. :-)

      As my scope came with clear bulbs: Should I better stay with them or
      doesn't that matter?

      I meanwhile got a replacement (the original bulbs where broken) and
      wonder what to do with all this light: even with the neutral filter
      I'm nearly blinded at lower magnifications.

      > >And there is
      > > a tool that I still can't identify. Oh, well ...
      > If you give me a hint what it looks like, I may help. I dare to say that am
      > quite familiar with Jena scopes. I work with them most of the time and they
      > are something like favourite brand for me! ;-))

      The scope came with three tools: two are for centering the condenser,
      the third, unidentified tool is a spindle and looks somewhat like a
      toothpick: 40mm long, 1.8mm thick in the middle and 1.0mm at the tips,
      one end is straight, the other bent at an angle of about 30°.

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