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  • Phil Peterson
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      micuk - http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk

      ** [ April 13th 2000 ] **
      Welcome to the Microscopy-UK : Newsletter Issue 6
      To subscribe or un-subscribe, please visit the front page of
      www.microscopy-uk.org.uk and use the facilities near the bottom
      of the main menu.

      Feedback, comments, critique, requests for inclusions, please to:-
      Maurice Smith - Co-ord Mic-UK Email: mol@...

      = Contents =
      1] Mic-UK Section Updates
      2] Micscape Magazine Updates
      3] Beyond Magazine Updates
      4] Mic-UK Store - New Products
      5] Small Ads - Sales & Wants
      6] Misc.

      1]Mic-UK Section Updates
      We are being approached more and more by businesses
      interested in selling you microscopes and accessories.
      The problem is none of them seem willing to provide anything
      in return for advertising them and introducing their resources
      on Mic-UK. Since Mic-UK and Micscape have dual roles of offering
      non-profit making support for enthusiast microscopy whilst also
      attempting to cover some costs with a trusted commercial outlet...
      we find such requests difficult.

      Mic-UK receives 30,000 hits a day including hits to Micscape
      Magazine. This high degree of activity has been brought about
      through the actions of people around the world commiting time and
      effort for nothing more than the will to help ensure there is a
      place on the web for enthusiasts.

      We have personally met the one or two businesses selling through
      the online shop and we agreed with them specific conditions which
      allow them to reach you thru all this work. There is only one condition:
      provide something which helps us to mature and nuture the people both
      contributing time and effort or the people coming to visit us to seek help
      and guidance.

      It is a strange thing that when we write back to businesses wanting to
      advertise their links to their wares, asking what they can offer in return
      - we rarely hear from them again.

      The internet grows ever-more commercial! In line with our original
      objectives we attempt to ride thru this time with our ethics and motives

      Through you, we are one of the most successful microscopy sites on the
      internet: a phenomena and one of a kind. Such contribution - indeed -
      sacrafice of time and commitment is so not so easily cast away to all
      and sundry for commmercial ranking and competition. As a co-founder
      of both Micscape and Mic-UK there is but a single promise - Mic-UK and
      Micscape will continue to develop and evolve through the same strategies
      that spawned it: friendship, microscopy promotion, support, know-how to
      make it happen, and no prostitution of its democratic and benevolent aim
      to commercial enterprises unwilling to support our objectives through our
      collective presence.

      This is something you can be certain of despite the churn and hype which
      moves people into this ever-developing media. With 5 years experience, we
      are quite able to survive and expand our presence without turning it into
      a crosswords and stop-off point to buying microscopes at inflated prices
      all made by about 5 major companies and then cap-badged by any one of
      scores of companies around the globe to offer something which earns them
      agency fees and commissions
      unless they are prepared to support our work here!

      Our aim is microscopy for the enthusiasts. Resources - trusted - allied -
      working with us to ensure that every person who hits our site and either
      receives information free or material for as low as cost as we can deliver
      them... understands we are not here for the money - we are here as a
      driving force second to none!

      Mic-UK is an old-fashioned place of ethics and goodwill. But is is
      a place of power and knowledge which does not need to sell-out. We have
      the technological skills, we have external enterprsises created
      to financially support our benevolent aim and we have the strategies in
      place to ensure this site will continue its work against all new-comers
      wanting something commercially for nothing... and thereby we will secure
      and preserve the outstanding achievements of those who contribute and you
      our visitors who further their own investigations into the small-scale

      Maurice Smith

      2] Micscape Magazine Updates
      The April issue of Micscape is now on-line and thanks once again to all
      the contributors and readers for supporting the magazine. The contents are

      with regards

      Dave Walker (new e-mail address is diwalk@... ).

      April Micscape contents

      A video macroscope/microscope project and its use for an interactive
      exhibit - Aare Bumer, Estonia.

      Spring Narcissi and pollen germination - Chris Thomas, UK.

      Papyrus from the Lower Nile - Brian Darnton, UK.

      Insect eyes - Jan Parmentier, Netherlands.

      A microscopical view of an old diatom circle pattern slide with 250+
      diatom shells - Martin Mach, Germany.

      My first 'proper' microscope (Watson stand ca. 1900) - Paul James, UK.

      Diatoms in dark-field Part III - Roland Mortimer, Brazil.

      The 'QX3' in macro mode - Rudolf Baumueller, US.

      A microscopic 'Loch Ness monster' - a look at Lacrymaria olor. Richard
      Howey, US.

      When dragons fall from the sky - dragonfly in 3D. Maurice Smith, UK.

      On samples, slides and ... surfing. Dave Walker, UK.

      3] Beyond Magazine Updates
      The March 2000 issue of Beyond is now online:


      This issue's feature articles:

      * Using the Mark One Eyeball To Study Nature In Close-Up
      by Dave Walker with images by Dave & Ian Walker
      Dave Walker shares some beaugiful images of Spring in
      Northern England and shows us that the Mark One Eyeball
      is a great tool for studying the wonders of Nature in close-up.

      * Improving Depth of Focus In Digital Images
      by Marly Cain-Fryman

      In this first of a series of articles on digital camera microscopy,
      Marly Cain-Fryman shares a simple tip for improving depth of
      focus in digital images.

      * The Miracle of Life Part 2
      by Bernhard Schopper

      In part 2 of this multipart series, Bernhard Schopper explores the
      origins and processes of life: the chemical activity of cellular
      matter that constitutes basic life.

      * A Blast From The Past (Student Microscope Set)
      by Guido E. Santacana

      Guido Santacana, an avid microscopist and collector, shares
      his boyhood dream as he presents a 1965 Student Microscope
      Set from his collection that is very special to him. "It's like a
      blast from the past!"

      * Kids Zone
      by Marly Cain-Fryman & R. M. Cain

      Go with Marly on the most important cyber-mission in the history
      of mankind... Project Methuselah: The Mission. This exciting and
      imaginative multimedia extravaganza, four years in the making,
      puts YOU right inside the story!

      As always, we welcome and appreciate comments and article
      contributions from our readers regarding your hobbies and interests.

      Contact Beyond Editors: beyond@...

      4] New Products added to Shop
      During April we are having an April madness month
      where on a whim we are offering extras and bargains. Its a fun
      month and what we put up one day, we may remove the next.

      Visit the Mic-UK front page to see what ison offer each day!
      To visit our shop, please go to:- http://onview.net/onviewshop/

      5] Small Ads - Sales and wants from other visitors and subscribers
      The following emails were received from other enthusiast microscopists
      looking for a certain item or wishing to sell one. To place your small
      ad in this newsletter, please visit:-

      -- WANTED --

      From: henderj westholmes <henderj.westholmes@...>
      Date: 27 February 2000 08:47
      Subject: Replacement light bulb

      I have an old Britex projector microscope and I need a new light bulb. It
      takes a Mazda 6V 30 W F/25 with a screw fitting. Any idea where I could
      get one ?

      Urgently required Leitz Heine Phase substage condenser
      with matching objectives.
      [Email] edw1@...

      Brass microscope, E.Leitz Wetzlar, single lens, c/w rosewood case and key
      and some other eyepieces and slides. This scope left the factory on 1st
      Jan 1900 to go to Switzerland. I am not a dealer. Please contact asap.
      Price to be arranged.
      [Email] david@...

      -- FOR SALE --

      I have a large selection of old and not-so-old books for sale on
      microscopy and related fields. Please have a look at the list at
      [Email] michaeld@...

      Microscoists weekend at Malham Tarn Fiel Center 25th to the 27th Aug 2000
      some places still are avauble but contact Peter as soon as you can for
      more info.
      [Email] peterbruce@...

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