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Fw: Microscopy-UK Monthly Newsletter - March 2000

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  • Phil Peterson
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      Enjoy...Cheers, Phil
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      Subject: Microscopy-UK Monthly Newsletter - March 2000

      micuk - http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk

      ** [ March 13th 2000 ] **
      Welcome to the Microscopy-UK : Newsletter Issue 5
      To subscribe or un-subscribe, please visit the front page of
      www.microscopy-uk.org.uk and use the facilities near the bottom
      of the main menu.

      Feedback, comments, critique, requests for inclusions, please to:-
      Maurice Smith - Co-ord Mic-UK Email: mol@...

      = Contents =
      1] Mic-UK Section Updates
      2] Micscape Magazine Updates
      3] Beyond Magazine Updates
      4] Mic-UK Store - New Products
      5] Small Ads - Sales & Wants
      6] Misc.

      1]Mic-UK Section Updates
      No less than 3 magazine issues published on the Internet this
      month through associations and affiliations of Mic-UK.
      The magazines are:-
      Micscape Magazine, editor Dave Walker.
      Beyond Magazine, editor Marly Cain-Fryman.
      Microlight, editor Marly Cain-Fryman.

      The new issue of Micscape is available from some time later
      today - March 12th, with Beyond and Microlight on-line on the 13th.
      All issues can be accessed via the Mic-UK front page at:-

      2] Micscape Magazine Updates
      March Micscape on-line from 12th (a day early) to enable Sunday
      cheap-rate telephone access and cheaper browsing. Another issue
      with a true international contribution with articles and content from
      no less than 7 different countries: USA, France, Brazil, Pueto Rico,
      Scotland, The Netherlands, and England.

      Many thanks to all our contributors who work hard for free to ensure
      the practice of enthusiast microscopy is supported and promoted

      Articles, images, on-line video, and related material are welcomed
      and encouraged from new contributors. Perhaps you have something
      you would like to see published?

      If so, please contact - Dave Walker Email: dave@...

      Abbreviated Contents of Micscape March Issue:-

      "The father of modern science and an unsung hero - Robert Hooke"
      by Maurice Smith, UK.

      "Water movement in plants"
      by Anne Bruce, UK

      "Diatoms in dark-field, Part II -"
      by Roland Mortimer, Brazil.

      "Spring thaw collecting"
      by Richard Howey, US.

      "Illumination variants, diffuse lighting"
      by Paul James, UK.

      "A complete student microscope set from 1965"
      Guido Santacana, Puerto Rico.

      "Foram gallery"
      Brian Darnton, UK and Wim van Egmond, Netherlands.

      "The repair of broken coverslips on paper covered slides"
      Brian Darnton.

      "Plant hairs"
      by Jean-Marie Cavanihac, France.

      "Using fiber optic illumination"
      Rudolf Baumueller, US.

      "Quick trials using a two megapixel camera for photomicrography"
      Dave Walker, UK.

      3] Beyond Magazine Updates
      The March 2000 issue of Beyond is now online:


      This issue's feature articles:

      * Using the Mark One Eyeball To Study Nature In Close-Up
      by Dave Walker with images by Dave & Ian Walker
      Dave Walker shares some beaugiful images of Spring in
      Northern England and shows us that the Mark One Eyeball
      is a great tool for studying the wonders of Nature in close-up.

      * Improving Depth of Focus In Digital Images
      by Marly Cain-Fryman
      In this first of a series of articles on digital camera microscopy,
      Marly Cain-Fryman shares a simple tip for improving depth of
      focus in digital images.

      * The Miracle of Life Part 2
      by Bernhard Schopper
      In part 2 of this multipart series, Bernhard Schopper explores the
      origins and processes of life: the chemical activity of cellular
      matter that constitutes basic life.

      * A Blast From The Past (Student Microscope Set)
      by Guido E. Santacana
      Guido Santacana, an avid microscopist and collector, shares
      his boyhood dream as he presents a 1965 Student Microscope
      Set from his collection that is very special to him. "It's like a
      blast from the past!"

      * Kids Zone
      by Marly Cain-Fryman & R. M. Cain
      Go with Marly on the most important cyber-mission in the history
      of mankind... Project Methuselah: The Mission. This exciting and
      imaginative multimedia extravaganza, four years in the making,
      puts YOU right inside the story!

      As always, we welcome and appreciate comments and article
      contributions from our readers regarding your hobbies and interests.

      Contact Beyond Editors: beyond@...

      4] New Products added to Shop
      We are putting together some new products for our online shop.
      This is taking longer than expected due to demands on resources
      and time. We can provide many products not yet listed so if you
      need something for microscopy but cannot find it in the shop,
      please drop an email to sales@... to enquire.

      To visit our shop, please go to:- http://onview.net/onviewshop/

      5] Small Ads - Sales and wants from other visitors and subscribers
      The following emails were received from other enthusiast microscopists
      looking for a certain item or wishing to sell one. To place your small
      ad in this newsletter, please visit:-

      -- WANTED --
      Microscopists weekend at Malham Tarn Field Center 25th to the 27th
      Aug 2000. Some places still are avauble but contact Peter as soon
      as you can for more info.
      [Email] peterbruce@...

      Replacement light bulb
      From: henderj westholmes <henderj.westholmes@...>
      I have an old Britex projector microscope and I need a new light bulb.
      It takes a Mazda 6V 30 W F/25 with a screw fitting.
      Would anyone know where I can obtain one.
      Thanks, Jon

      Lamp wanted
      Looking for a lamp for this particular microscope
      Thank you for your help
      [Email] choule@...

      Books wanted
      I want informamation about microtechnique books.
      [Email] pbattal@...

      Book wanted
      I am looking for a book about freshwater creatures (In French or in
      (A descrition of what live and swim inside a pond)
      Contact me first by e mail ericcooper2000@...
      Thanks ERIC

      -- FOR SALE --

      I have a large selection of old and not-so-old books for sale on
      microscopy and related fields. Please have a look at the list at
      [Email] michaeld@...

      [6] Misc. Items of interest
      Micrographia, and other old books related to microscopy, are available on
      CD at reasonable prices from Mike Samworth.
      [email] apochrom@...

      *********** Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter ****************

      To unsubscribe, write to micuk-unsubscribe@...
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