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Fw: Mic-UK Newsletter 4.0 - Feb 13th 2000

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  • Phil Peterson
    Hello All, Is anybody working on any projects they would care to share with the group? Any microscope-related items for sale, trade or wanted? Personally,
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      Hello All,
      Is anybody working on any projects they would care to share with the
      group? Any microscope-related items for sale, trade or wanted? Personally,
      I'm still searching for a trinoc head for a Nikon Alphaphot.
      For you digital photomicrography buffs, this link describes a cable
      shutter release for the Nikon Coolpix 950 camera
      http://home.hiwaay.net/~drcannon/cp950/cablerelease.htm .
      Enjoy Micscape.
      Cheers, Phil

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      Subject: Mic-UK Newsletter 4.0 - Feb 13th 2000

      micuk - http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk

      ** [ Feb14th 2000 ] **
      Welcome to the Microscopy-UK : Newsletter Issue 4
      To subscribe or un-subscribe, please visit the front page of
      www.microscopy-uk.org.uk and use the facilities near the bottom
      of the main menu.

      Feedback, comments, critique, requests for inclusions, please to:-
      Maurice Smith - Co-ord Mic-UK Email: mol@...

      = Contents =
      1] Mic-UK Section Updates
      2] Micscape Magazine Updates
      3] Mic-UK Store - New Products
      4] Small Ads - Sales & Wants
      5] Misc.

      Mic-UK Section Updates
      1We have enhanced our 'associates'
      section so that contributors can pop into a private area and
      see the number of hits and visits to their work as well as receive
      help and further information in support of their work.

      If you have been a contributor or you contribute in the future,
      you will need to email me at mol@...
      to receive your password and UserID to check on how many
      people visit your work presented here.

      2) Larry Legg, our practical microscopy expert has returned from his sick
      bed... (about time - we think) to continue his projects.

      Micscape Magazine Updates

      The February 2000 issue of Micscape is now on-line and once again the
      contributors have provided a wide range of material. Very many thanks
      to all our contributors and our readers.

      A recent 'Britannica Internet Guide Award' to the web site acknowledges
      all the hard work by the site contributors, founders and administrators
      ... well done!

      Contributors are encouraged to visit the associates area to find out
      how many hits they are receiving on their articles. the associates area is
      located at:-


      You need a user id and password which, if you are a contributor,
      can be obtained by sending an email to the Coordinator at:-

      The abbreviated contents are below.

      with regards,
      Dave Walker, Micscape Editor

      Micscape contents:

      Ants, beetles and spiders - by David Richman with illustrations by G. B.
      Edwards, USA.

      Take your (old) stereo microscope outdoors - Aydin �rstan, USA

      Photographing snowflakes - Ed Kinsman, USA

      Digital 'snapshots' of the fauna and flora near my home - Carlos Bernal,

      Diatoms in dark-field - Roland Mortimer, Brazil.

      How to preserve a snowflake - James Benko, USA.

      A low cost set-up for taking digital images through a microscope and for
      macroscopy - David Young, USA.

      Mic-UK slide-making projects, wax embedding and hand sectioning - Larry

      Illumination variants: oblique illumination - Paul James, UK

      Vital staining for protozoa and other related mounting techniques -
      Richard Howey, USA.

      The construction of a Victorian type dry-mounted slide - Brian Darnton.

      The Onview Microscopy Shop
      Our online shop which is run to help others find microscopy resources
      they can can trust and purchase via people who care is at:-

      Larry Legg has asked us to add a few items to help his projects and we
      hope to add these in the coming week.

      We have several requests for other items which we are arranging to include
      soon. If you cant see what you need - email us to see if we can get them
      for you.

      Small Ads - Sales and wants from other visitors and subscribers
      The following emails were received from other enthusiast microscopists
      looking for a certain item or wishing to sell one. To place your small
      ad in this newsletter, please visit:-

      -- WANTED --

      WANTED: Stereo microsope with top and base lighting for beginner. Nothing
      too expensive. Please e-mail or phone (01329) 846731.
      [Email] paul.crowley@...

      Tap and Die for standard Microsope objectve threads and a reamer
      for eyepiece tubes. Gordon Couger, Stillwater, OK
      [Email] gordon@...

      I am looking for an original R & J Beck eyepiece for my small R & J. Beck
      microscope as illustrated in the Billings Microscope collection second
      edition, page 224,Fig. 446.My instrument has the serialnumber 23896. John
      B. te Pas, Jan Ligthartplein 36, 3706 VD Zeist, Holland. Tel 003l 30 695
      620 5.
      Fax.003l 30 601 778 5. e-mail: jbtepas@...
      [Email] jbtepas@...

      I am interested in purchasing microphotograph slides.
      Please let me know what you have for sale and the prices. Thanks.
      Barry Miller (New Jersey U.S.A.)
      [Email] bbmiller@...

      -- FOR SALE --

      *For Sale*
      FOR SALE, Baker microscope bare stand, stage focussing stand only with
      inclined eyetube and abbe condenser(no objectives or eyepieces,etc) 50
      plus carriage.
      Herts/Beds area. picture available
      [Email] ht@...

      *For Sale*
      Zeiss Photomicroscope I in working condition. Has 12V 60W light source and
      objectives and eyepieces. Best offer.
      I am in the U.S. so only serious buyers please.
      [Email] mserv@...

      *For Sale*
      Gilert & Sibert Laboratory Conference microscope. Good working order. 100W
      halogen lamp. Nosepiece for five objectives. Comes with x6.3, x10, x40 &
      x100 (oil). Nearly new eyepieces (x10). 200 ono. Contact David Scarff
      on 01603-743415 for further details.
      [Email] david@...

      *on offer*
      There are still one or two places left for Malham Tern weekend on the 25th
      August 2000 so if any one would like to go please e-mail me and I will
      send them the info. Cheers Peter bruce PMS. LOOK UP THE PMS SPRINGTAIL
      GROUP on http://www.thurlo.force9.co.uk

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