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Re: Indian Microscopes Since you are in Australia and me too, I am in Bunbury W.A. look in Gumtree. I have seen a few nice stand there, you should be able to get cheap postage too.
Reynald Carra
8:15 PM
The Secret Lives of Paramecia - Part 2 In this video, we see three Paramecia as they struggle with relationships, sexuality, and their own mortality. Viewer discretion is advised as the content
8:07 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes They are of poor quality because I think they aim at making money fast, have poor quality control, use poor material,very poor craftmanship, cut corners
Reynald Carra
8:01 PM
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New Microscope Forum: Several weeks ago we put together a small microscope club with all science and biology as part of this club. This club is listed as Yahoo Microscope-Club. If
6:34 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Fix Or Repair Daily? Sent from my iPad
Greg Bartgis
6:19 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Merv, That model doesn't look like a Leica: certainly not their basic DM series. The stand etc. apart from the bino tube looks like an old HM Lux 3 series.
5:42 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes The Leica scope: Jeez, how sad they're associating their name with cheaper stuff... mike
Michael Cytrynowicz
5:31 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes This is a useful site: http://micro.magnet.fsu.edu/primer/ -John ================
J. Forster
5:26 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes ... The trick is that you don't buy a MICROSCOPE book. Buy a Microbiology lab manual. "How to use a microscope" is not a typical university class but
Chris Albertson
5:21 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes I would not advise anyone to buy that Leica, it's truly inferior.  Why are you looking at ebay.com when you live in Oz? Have you tried ebay.com.au? I've seen
Peter Webber
5:11 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi, I don't know if you are anywhere near Thornleigh NSW but there is what appears to be a pristine Nikon for sale there. (ebay - 321382970892) The seller
5:03 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Neither of these microscopes has a field iris, making proper Köhler illumination impossible. I have a KHC with a complete set of phase annuli in its phase
Mike Andrews
5:01 PM
English Jenaval User Manual Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had a Jenaval User Manual in English? I have a German copy (pdf) and have run it through Google translate but if an
4:59 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes There are a few basic facts: You cannot reasonably expect to buy high quality new product cheap. If it's cheap, there is very likely a good reason. A good used
J. Forster
4:56 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Well yes, I'd go along with that as a general principle - but this thread constitutes the first chapter of that book, really - guiding me away of enormous
4:34 PM
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Re: Indian Microscopes I like that about the myths of capitalism. Any links to expansions on that theme I'd like to see. :)
4:32 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes $69 shipping on the Leica, won't ship the Olympus. Would I still be winning if I paid $300 for the Leica?
4:31 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Thanks for that. I might calm down and do just that. There's not really any rush. The kids interest has already waned, as you suggest, from exposure to these
4:29 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Same thing as previous - shipping $161...
4:27 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Looks to be a beauty. Unfortunately the shipping to Australia where we currently are, is $109....
4:25 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Sadly most modern books suffer from the same quality problems as the microscopes. I don't know of a modern book on microscopy that comes even near such works
3:52 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes My 2cents worth as a hobbyist--lots of good advice provided here, as usual----BUT the best advice in buying a new scope and beginning the hobby isn't about
3:09 PM
Re: Images differences between Abbe/aspheric and achromatic condense Merv, Surprised you found a "wreck" of a Royal. What philistine(s) would wreck a Royal? Anyway, it's in good hands now and I look forward to seeing the before
3:09 PM
Re: Objective lens G'Day Dushan, That is a really useful table - there is a table in files/Merv that has some more information, including metallurgical tube lengths. But there is
3:01 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Merv, Well frankly after what you said, and my experience with its optics, I wouldn't want that Leica even as a gift, while I'd be delighted to play with
Peter Webber
2:31 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Peter, The Leica is definitely made in China and yes, the Olympus would be a good buy. The Leica name is just badge engineering these days and the Olympus
2:04 PM
Re: Objective lens ... G'Day Tony! Itmay not be a bad idea to check against the chart and then try to choose new optical component that will fit TL, objectivesand/or oculars that
Dushan Grujich
1:39 PM
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Re: Indian Microscopes Mike is absolutely right ... either of those will be better than the same-priced Indian stuff, though of the two I'd greatly favour the Olympus which will be
Peter Webber
1:12 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes He team, for abrogard - how about something like this Leica EMED
Michael Cytrynowicz
12:43 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi abrogard, Lots of great advice here, it would be smart to follow. I know you just want to get started, and like everyone you have a budget, but consider
Michael Cytrynowicz
12:41 PM
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