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Re: ZEISS GFL Hi Randall, Excellent suggestion about the padded and curved slip joint pliers. Actually I do use a pair quite similar and still employ the tape + cloth
Paul Martin
6:05 AM
Re: A Paramecium takes a poop Impressive microscopy and videography ... !!! ... Thanks, Ron
5:19 AM
Re: New Microscope Forum: wonderful to hear from you , Dr. DeCero!   I wonder why your strong voice, and deep shareing did not raise these concerns...back when a certain forum
Charles Guevara
5:18 AM
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A Paramecium takes a poop I'm sure that any of you who have peered at pond water for a while have seen a Paramecium expel waste products. I've seen this plenty of times, but today I
3:42 AM
Microorganism ID help needed I recently took part in the Tilden Regional Park Bioblitz, helping with microscopy. We have some pictures posted to iNaturalist, but since I'm toward the
9:57 PM
Re: New Microscope Forum: Hi Ron and Group, I totally agree with you Ron. It is unfortunate that some of our good members felt the need to create a new group. I respect their opinions,
7:01 PM
Re: ZEISS GFL Hi Paul, Thanks for posting. Lots of little questions answered in that publication. There is a set of pliers made for loosening large military electrical
Randall Buck
3:21 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Peter, The marketing division of Carl Zeiss would love you to continue to believe that! Hartnack's objectives of the 1860s were the equal of, if not better
3:04 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Careful guys, I'll get my soapbox and megaphone out of the garage. -John
J. Forster
12:49 PM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Fred, Tell me about it. All our UK politicians are like that. Huge amounts of precious parliamentary time are wasted in slanging the opposition's party,
Peter Webber
9:49 AM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Merv, That was quite a long message with lots of good meat in it. Many thanks for the references and the insights into Abbe's role in condenser work. Or
Peter Webber
9:01 AM
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Fred, I hardly think that E.M. Nelson had 'nothing to offer' in microscopy - his writings on the subject are excellent and his microphotographs superb. His
7:29 AM
Re: ZEISS GFL Hi John, For the GFL model Zeiss states that the purpose of the auxiliary lens is to '...fully exploit the illuminating aperture of the condenser...' wherein
Paul Martin
Apr 21
Re: Microscopy "bucket list" It's the title of a 2007 movie: Briefly, it's a list of things someone wants to d before they die. Not a bad flick. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0825232/ -John
J. Forster
Apr 21
Re: Microscopy "bucket list" I've never even heard of the term!
Nathan McCorkle
Apr 21
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Re: Indian Microscopes The Carpenter/Dallinger 7th edition, also 1891, states in relation to the Zeiss 1a (and I suspect this may have been written by Nelson): "There is no fault in
Apr 21
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Peter, A turf war of sorts! Largely down to the preference for the Continental microscope by practicing physicians and medical teachers, such as Rutherford
Apr 21
Re: ZEISS GFL Two comments from a hobbyist--I think the aux. lens is used for low power objectives--10x or less; it gives a larger field of illumination for their larger
Apr 21
Re: Indian Microscopes Hi Merv, We are deviating a bit from the original subject, but... I have an 1891 Zeiss 1a stand and in its lineup of attachments are a 1.4NA 3-element Abbe (so
Peter Webber
Apr 21
Re: ZEISS GFL Hi Paul, Great information. Thanks!! Next question. Exactly what is that auxiliary lens for? When do I need to use it? This is another part that is really
Apr 21
Re: Microscopy "bucket list" I would like to retire the term "bucket list".... Sorry guys had to throw that out there Don
Apr 21
Re: New Microscope Forum: How is this any different than any microscope forums that already exist?
Apr 21
Apr 21
Re: Microscopy "bucket list" Pure Darwin, survival of the nuttiest Randall ... From: Microscope@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Microscope@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of Ed Herst Sent: Monday, April
Randall Buck
Apr 21
Olympus parts inter-changability Hi All I'm wondering if anyone has any experience, or can point me in the direction of some information on the parts inter-changeability of older Olympus
Apr 21
Re: Finally! The Secret Lives of Paramecia - Part 2 Ron, coincidentally, I am planning a narrated version and have already tried out doing the voices. I'm not happy with my voice, though. I may recruit a couple
Apr 21
Re: Finally! The Secret Lives of Paramecia - Part 2 Nah you don't need a 'dialogue consultant'. The one thing I would say is that a voiceover would be better than subtitles. Go on! Bring the actor out in you!
Apr 21
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Re: Finally! The Secret Lives of Paramecia - Part 2 Ron, Thanks for your positive review! The only problem I have with your review is that it's funnier than my video. Would you consider being my publicist and
Apr 21
Re: Finally! The Secret Lives of Paramecia - Part 2 Thanks for the "heads up," but the video has already been made.
Apr 21
Re: Microscopy "bucket list" I actually do remember that story of a perfectly good stand of Chestnut. Totally unaffected by the disease. I did hear that the geneticists were all over that
Ed Herst
Apr 21
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