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Re: Green filter kinds: GIF better than standard colored-glass ?

I just bought GIFs to replace the green glass filters we were using. My team noticed the difference in sharpness when viewing fine fibers. GIFs block more
DJH Yahoo
9:02 PM

Re: zeiss interference filter

You could also check eBay seller "bjomejag", they sell all kinds of specialized filters including very narrow band intereference filters, and are very helpful
8:30 PM

Re: what is this?; "video-tube"

Maybe it's because I'm on my android tablet but I don't see a picture below. Wild guess are you talking about a photo tube? Ed -- Sent from Gmail Mobile
Ed Herst
8:16 PM

Green filter kinds: GIF better than standard colored-glass ?

Nikon microscopes of the Labophot/Optiphot generation had available two Green filter kinds: the standard green colored-glass filter and the GIF (Green
Ricardo Tsukamoto
7:28 PM

Re: zeiss interference filter

Hi Randal, If possible an exact Zeiss filter would be great. The filter needs to be 656,3 nm or as close as possible with a diameter of 50mm. What kind of
5:51 PM

Re: zeiss interference filter

Hi Peter, I follow this filter set on Ebay. Very interesting. The 650 comes very close but not close enough. I’ve already contacted the seller (very nice
5:51 PM

what is this?; "video-tube"

question 1: do you know, on the pic below, shows a microscope without a "head," WHO sells the tube on the microscope between the camera lens and the scope
5:29 PM

Re: zeiss interference filter

Xavier, There is a nice-looking set of six 50mm filters including SIF 650 here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172009173792. Seems a bit pricey (for eBay) at £120
Peter Webber
7:28 AM

Re: zeiss interference filter

Do you need an exact Zeiss replacement or will a functional equivalent suit your purpose? Randall _____ From: Microscope@yahoogroups.com
7:16 AM

zeiss interference filter

Hello, For a restoration project I'm looking for a Zeiss Jena Metalinterference Filter H656 with a diameter of 50mm. It can be type SIF, DIF or DSIF. Thank you
5:34 AM

Re: Vickers M14/2 lamp bulb

Hi Rich, According to my M14 brochure, the correct bulb is a 230V 15W, M002712 (Vickers part No.) I suspect it is a standard cooker or fridge bulb and it will
Nov 27

Re: occupied Japan single lens plastic microscope!

Hi Ricardo, Much of the early history of microscopy has been distorted by the inability of some academic commentators to use a microscope properly – Dr
Mervyn Hobden
Nov 27

Re: occupied Japan single lens plastic microscope!

Hi Charlie, That pebble-like microscope model may have indeed demonstrated cell existence to early-teen age students in post-WWII years. The single-lens
Ricardo Tsukamoto
Nov 27

occupied Japan single lens plastic microscope!

I so enjoyed Ricardo's call to a recent eBay inverted microscope( thanks Ricardo!). Just as I tonight visit online eBay...after turkey dinner...here we have
Nov 26

Re: Which stereo microscope to purchase

Yes, those little $10 LED gooseneck lamps work great for lo-mag stereo microscopy, and the self-contained battery power makes them particularly useful in the
Kurt Maurer
Nov 26
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