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Re: Nikon Labophot 1 Repair

Hi Ricardo, Your link provided exactly the information that I need. Thank you very much. Mel
Jul 1

Re: Nikon Labophot 1 Repair

Hi Mel, The Repair manuals of Labophot "1" and Optiphot are freely available in pdf
Ricardo Tsukamoto
Jun 30

Nikon E – 200

Can anyone tell me what it would cost to have my Nikon E-200 collimated and cleaned. Thank you
Jun 30

Re: Ian; Using Cheaper Objectives

Hi Rich I didn't see any graph attached, however, why not just use the traditional Wratten filter, no 76 - dark violet which is a compound filter at 449nm?
Ian Hodgson
Jun 30

Ian; Using Cheaper Objectives

This was a letter originally directed to Ian, but I think everybody will find value. Thank you for the response! Please wait until I finish my latest paper, as
Jun 29

Interference Microscopes

I've gotten some excellent off-board messages, and: i want to again thank Dr. Ian for sending me the "pdf" on interference microscopy from the Royal Society. I
Jun 29

Re: Nikon Labophot 1 Repair

If the part has failed then you can't determine what is was. It is likely just an open circuit inside. If it has not failed then a transistor is a little
Chris Albertson
Jun 29

Re: Historical question: magnification of early compound microscopes

Many thanks to both Merv and David for their own insights and for the links included. Looking again at the text of 'Micrographia', I find that Hooke does after
Oliver Mundy
Jun 29

Nikon Labophot 1 Repair

Hi,I got a Labophot 1 and need to repair its power supply.  The T03, metal can semiconductor, in the base is burned out.  I cannot determine what it is/was
mel lieberman
Jun 29

Check Out; Multi-Plane Microscopy

Thanks for the article Ian!! Check out the web-site below. Here's a diagram: This incredibly simple technique focuses 2 planes at the same time, AND; is
Jun 28

Re: Ian: Copyright on Objective Graph?

Hi Rich I will scan it and then email it to you for free to your yahoo account. best rgds Ian ps - it will take me a day or so to scan as there are 20 plus
Ian Hodgson
Jun 27

Re: Ian: Copyright on Objective Graph?

Ian, anyway we could work a swap?? Could you email it to me? if you have an Ebay account i'll be happy to have you sell it to me for 5 bucks? thanks! Rich
Jun 27

Re: Ian: Copyright on Objective Graph?

Hello Rich I have just looked and I do indeed have a copy of this paper and am wondering what exactly you are asking or need to know? Perhaps you could let me
Ian Hodgson
Jun 27

Ian: Copyright on Objective Graph?

Dr. Ian, this "book-maker" doesn't exist anymore, and; the author never used a "publisher," because it was self-published. I found this INTERESTING citation
Jun 27

Re: Copyright on Objective Graph?

Agreed. As I understand it, the information in an article or an image is not protected, only the particular words or image itself. Just don't make it too
Jun 27
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