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Re: B&L microscope questions Thanks for the info John! The lense between the objective and eyepiece is in the headpiece. There is no lens in the turret itself. However, when I search

8:15 AM

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Re: Insect whole mounts Ricardo, Alysson, and group:This is not rocket science. In past I was stationed in a lab that made its own media and so we had a herd of sheep. I was tasked

Seth Malovany
6:01 AM

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Re: What size / thread objectives does the Olympus KHC use? There are three types of correction collars I am aware of. Two correct for differences in "cover slip" thickness, adjusting for spherical aberration. The

5:05 AM

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Re: Insect whole mounts I don't know that a small syringe in the microliter range would prove suitable for the larger arthropods most likely to require the injection. It certainly

7:38 PM

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Re: Nikon SMZ-U System Docs Hi Brooke, The base you bought is of the Plain type, with addition of that plastic support fancy-named "floating specimen stage". As mentioned before, such

Ricardo Tsukamoto
7:32 PM

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Re: Nikon SMZ-U System Docs Hi Ricardo: Would you say more about using my Labophot stage with the SMZ-U? Does that require a special stand/mount? My scope has a boom arm type stand but

Brooke Clarke
2:37 PM

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Re: Insect whole mounts Alysson, Great !  A suggestion: may be you could benefit forum members and homage your dad by producing an article on how to sharp well those needles. It

Ricardo Tsukamoto
11:44 AM

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Re: What size / thread objectives does the Olympus KHC use?    I enjoy wetmount slide preps with #1, #1.5 brand name (?quality?) coverslips.   The working distance gets very tight..but staying to the 80% area of

Charles Guevara
10:50 AM

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Re: Vickers objective I'm glad the mystery has been solved, even if it is of no use to you. I shall add it to my spread sheet of interesting microscopical facts. If it was cheap

10:42 AM

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Re: B&L microscope questions When B&L introduced planachromats, they placed the final, field-flattening doublet in the turret. This necessitated two lines of body: 160mm tube for achro,

10:31 AM

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B&L microscope questions Hello everyone, When I was quite young a family member passed and left me a Bausch and Lomb microscope. It is probably fairly old as this was almost 20 years

Feb 26

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Re: What size / thread objectives does the Olympus KHC use? A 60X objective can be tricky to use. Like the 100X, it is only useful for very, very flat objects (under a cover slip) and, in general, a dry (non oil

Feb 26

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Re: Insect whole mounts The glass microsyringes are an excellent choice - and it is possible to buy replacement plungers for the better ones. Most have luer lock connectors, and will

Alysson deMerel
Feb 26

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Re: Insect whole mounts    Hi, low cost on EBay..I purchased a few glass syringes with white Teflon ringed plungers.  Low cost, Globe-Scientific/Paramus,NJ  sells glass medicine

Charles Guevara
Feb 26

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Re: Insect whole mounts Jeff and Peter, I have tried before disposable insulin syringes to inject caustic solutions into bigger crustacean parts. But at that time it seemed the oily

Ricardo Tsukamoto
Feb 26
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