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Re: FW: 26th MI Inf Flag fragment, 2nd Corps

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  • Len Overmyer III
    Pam: I m not sure if I ve met Linda, but the names sounds familiar? Can you tell us how we can donate / assist as well? We want to do all we can to see that MI
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
      Pam: I'm not sure if I've met Linda, but the names sounds familiar?
      Can you tell us how we can donate / assist as well? We want to do all we can to see that MI gets as many flag fragments preserved as possible.  Even if you feel you have enough funds, perhaps some of the other MI related items could be acquired for the State Archives?  I had been in contact with Pat at Cowan's Auctions and they were going to try to copy some of the materials for researchers (sending to the U.S. Park Service, Fredericksburg Military Park), as I am currently writing a regimental history book of this untit 400+ pages plus many rare images... (The Lake Shore Tigers & The Bloody Angle). 
      Who / Where can a check be sent to? The 14th MI has also graciously offered to assist as well so we would like to know where we can contribute funds to. The 26th MI Yahoo group is at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/26thMI/  and the e-mail is: 26thMI@yahoogroups.com   You can also send an e-mail to:

      William Morris <wmorris@...> wrote:
      I seem to have some of my members that want to donate to the Save the Flags to help raise money to bid on the piece of 26th Michigan Colors. Have you found out any more details on this from Kerry yet? If everything appears on the up and up we would like to funnel any donations we come up through the 26th Michigan reenactors and have your folks deliver it if that would work.
      Bill Morris
      Co. B 14th Michigan Infantry

      In a message dated 3/29/06 4:44:37 PM, overmyerhistoricals@... writes:
      (From Capt. Lackey's letters: The flag partial you are referring to was likely "souveniered" on Thanksgiving of 1864 before the end of the war..... There is a G.A.R. flag  from (I believe) the 26th Mi that is owned by a member of the re-enactment group that was passed down for many generations.  Many from Company "A" 26th MI came from Grand Traverse.   I'm sure she may consider parting with it if the Archives were interested......
      CW1865@... wrote:

        Thanks so much for sending this interesting information!  I will be looking forward to your book on th 26th MI.  I know someone who is a descendant of one of these soldiers- Linda Dean. I haven't heard from her in years. Do you know her?
         This info about the 26th MI flag fragment is exciting. Sounds like maybe the flag shot up at Spotsylvania could well be the one from which this fragment is from, at auction on May 10.  (timely! Just two days before the anniversary of the action at Spotsy. BTW, I worked at as a seasonal historian at F'burg NMP. C'ville and Guinea Station were my duty stations.)  I have forwarded your letter on to Matt Van Acker (Kerry is in CA until April 10). I talked with Matt this morning and he is very interested in what you have to say about this.  He also will tell you how to get a copy of the 1907 photo.
         Several of the 9 lower MI Civil War RTs have already pledged money to purchase this fragment, and I know all  of them will before the date of the auction. Also, the 7th MI Inf has funds they will add to the pot.  Dave Downing of the 7th and Save the Flags committee will go down to the auction to place the State's bid. Thanks to you, it is now more clear as to which flag it actually is.
        The hunt for information on MI regiments is rewarding, isn't it? Some years ago a co-worker casually said her family had "some Civil War letters"; would I like to see them?  I thought there might be a few, and said I would. Imagine my surprise when she showed me 100+ letters, carefully kept, in chronological order, from John E. Ryder, 24th MI Inf and his brother, Alfred Ryder, 1st MI Cav, written home to their family.  I ended up transcribing all of them, writing articles about them, and giving lectures. The material is so rich!  I have photos of both of them.  Alfred was disgusted with his officers; John worshipped his. Both boys died at Gettysburg.  I have copies of John's last letter home, written on the march. He ends: "....I expect we will have a great battle shortly so as it has got to be done, let it come and we will look for the best.....I will write you shortly. If you hear of a battle cheer up and think it is all for the best, for we will stand our chance."
          A comrade in Company B, 24th MI, wrote this in his diary after the batte:
        "Gettysburg terrible.  Advanced double quick on the 1st and did not have time to load guns.  Fighting in the woods lasted over 1 hour.  Standing 20 paces from the rebs we fired continuous volleys. Lost Price and Cline.  Lost my way in confusion when I heard Carroll cry out.  Heard he is dead now.  I killed 14 rebs. Shot the one who killed John Pardington. Lieutenant Buell rebuked me for drinking after. Said I would not be promoted.  I do not care."

         So sad.
        Pam Newhouse

      From: CW1865@...
      To: STRINGERL@..., max82507@..., bgrandstaff@..., davejordan@..., Herrsridge@..., jeanninetrybus@..., danielmarino@..., remull@...
      Subject: 26th MI Inf flag fragment auction
      Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:25:27 EST

        Hello everyone,
            I am emailing you all on behalf of Kerry Chartkoff, State of Michigan Archivist/Historian and head of the Save the Flags committee, of which I am also a member.
           On May 10th,11th, or 12th Cowan's Auction House in Cincinnati , Ohio is auctioning off a fragment of what looks to be the (first) Presentation Flag (a national) of the 26th Michigan Infantry.  The State of Michigan can account for all the flags of the 26th except this one, which was never found previously.  In a 1907 reunion photo of the regiment there is a flag, which may be this one.  It is believed that at some time after this photo the flag was "souveniered" (cut up and distributed to surviving veterans).  This fragment is a part of other items from the estate of a veteran of the 26th whose last name is Batcheler.
          Kerry and committee are very eager to add this fragment to the Michigan Flags collection, but it has always been a policy of the committee to not spend state funds to buy flags, rather, to encourage groups and individuals to do so and then donate them to the State.
         In this spirit I am asking your CWRT to consider pledging at least $50. to this cause (pending the successful outcome- a winning bid).  There are other CW groups who are asking to participate, including at least one reenactment group.  It is believed the fragment may go for between $500-$1000, but, of course, no one knows for sure!
         I would hope you would bring this up for discussion at your next meeting and then get back with me so we know where we stand.
         Kerry wants me to tell you that if we win this fragment there will be a "thank you"/celebratory event in Lansing to honor all the participating donors. :-)
           Together we can do this!  Please email me or call me after your next meeting with your decisions!
                  -Pam Newhouse, V.P., Ann Arbor CWRT & Save the Flags committee
                   email: CW1865@...   phone  (734)973-1047
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