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Re: Midwest Civil War Civilian Conference Advertising Question

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  • Len Overmyer III
    Cheri: Looks like this is the web-site: http://www.midwestcwcivilian.com/ Would love to help out in any way I can. Your organization can create links in our
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2005
      Cheri: Looks like this is the web-site:
      http://www.midwestcwcivilian.com/ Would love to help
      out in any way I can. Your organization can create
      links in our Links Folder and some events that this
      group would find VERY useful include:

      - Len Overmyer III

      --- cheri fry <cfry97@...> wrote:

      Hello fellow reenactor,

      Let me introduce myself, my name is Cheri Fry. I am
      new to Civil War Reenacting. I just started one year
      ago. Within that one year I have met so many people
      that share my same reenacting interests, it's truly
      been a blessing.

      I attend events all around the states of Illinois,
      Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana. I find that everywhere
      I go I learn more and more about my new hobby. And
      find people are more than willing to share their
      reenacting experiences with me. The more people I meet
      the more interested I become in continuing Civil War

      I have found that while people at events can share
      with you their experiences, knowledge and how they got
      started, there are few places for someone new to
      reenacting to get the "KNOW HOW" on how to accurately
      portray Civil War Life. Do you look to movies, books,
      or just do what everyone else in your local area does?
      Well in my first year I have learned alot. Movies
      are not always accurate, Books have the author's
      opinion on what is right and wrong and so many books
      out there contradict each other, who do you listen to?
      And many reenactors fall into the category of "this
      will do" that I was having difficulty trying to keep
      any information straight on what to wear, how to look,
      and how to act. I was struggling, and everywhere I
      looked I found contradicting theories. It left me
      wondering if I was ever going to find someone who
      could help me.

      But last January, I found people who were just as
      interested as I was in helping others portray Civil
      War Life accurately. Midwest Civil War Civilian
      Education, Inc., is a non-profit group created by the
      organizers of the Midwest Civil War Civilian
      Conferences. The purpose of the organization is to
      provide a focal point for research on topics relevant
      to everyday civilian life during the era, including:
      Clothing for men, women and children; Architecture,
      furnishings and interior design of the era; Common
      objects used around the house, farmstead and workshop;
      Transportation, communications and technology of the
      era; Period crafts and occupations; Mid 19th century
      food ways; The social, cultural and political norms
      and trends of the era.

      I attended their conference in January and was
      impressed to find so many people out there so
      knowledgeable in the era, that I asked to become
      involved in their group. I am only starting out and
      cannot be one of the speakers as my knowledge is still
      so limited; so I volunteered to "spread the word" to
      anyone and everyone about this conference.

      Which brings me to why I am writing you. Is there any
      way you or your organization could provide some FREE
      advertising space for our next conference? I can
      provide any information you may need. I have word
      documents that can be e-mailed for a website; i can
      print postcards or flyers if you have an event you
      would like to pass around; or if you can think of any
      other way to promote this conference I would
      appreciate any feedback from you.

      Thank you for your time,
      Cheri L. Fry
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