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Re: Port Oneida Fair Civil War Encampment - the West area it is! Aug. 5 & 6 Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Leelanau Co

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  • Leonard G. Overmyer III
    Looks like the Park agreed that the West area would work out better as well...., The field to the west of the Kelderhouse farm buildings, (left as you face the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2005
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      Looks like the Park agreed that the West area would
      work out better as well...., The field to the west of
      the Kelderhouse farm buildings, (left as you face the
      farm) is shown in the Photo folders. I think when you
      see it, you will all be pleased with the new location.
      It is more spacious, closer to Lake MI, and has larger
      shade trees. Also, there is no worry about damaging
      smaller (older) orchard trees (especially with kids
      around camp) and is still within eye-site of the
      cemetery and across the school house. It is also
      adjacent to the Trolley stop which will give the group
      a much more prominent presence. It also puts us closer
      to the Leelanau Museum Maritime set-up just around the
      curve (~ 40 yards)at the Burfiend Farm. With the Lake
      MI Beach only about 150 Yards due west past the
      Burfiend farm (NOT down Miller Rd, but the other
      gravel road going west). It sounds like Tyler found
      some interest in getting a horse at the site which I
      think would be great and hopefully, we can get
      additional Cavalry and Musicians to show. Also, I'd
      like to try a set-up with a Quoits game previously
      mentioned in some of the Civil War diaries. (For the
      kids) http://www.leelanau.com/fair/
      - Len Overmyer III

      From: Ariava100@...
      Date: Thu Jun 30, 2005 1:56 pm
      Subject: Re: [26thMI] Fwd: Re: Port Oneida Update

      yes follow up on that one,,,,,

      --- Kimberly_Mann@... wrote:

      > Bill and I agreed with your site on the west side of
      the structures farthest away from the cemetery. Bill
      and I are also going to put a porta-john near the
      historic privy in the building complex, so it is out
      of your sight line but still nearby.
      > Kim
      > "Leonard G.
      Overmyer III" To:
      > Kimberly_Mann@...

      > Subject: Re: PO Fair Encampment
      > OK, I think Tyler mentioned that the orchard to the
      > east of the house would be OK as well but again, I
      > don't think those trees are large enough to provide
      > shade and I recall there was a workshop effort this
      > past spring with Chris Garthe to preserve the Apple
      > Trees. (Some expressed concern that encamping among
      > them could cause harm). Anyway, maybe you could
      > clarify, are you & Bill thinking the west area would
      > be OK, or the East area (by the Cemetery Orchard) or
      > would either be alright?
      > --- Kimberly_Mann@... wrote:
      > > Exactly!!! Thanks for sending the pictures. We
      > > will place you there.
      > >
      > > Kim
      > >Overmyer III" To:
      > > Kimberly_Mann@...
      > >
      > > Subject: Re: PO Fair Encampment

      > > Yes, I think we are talking the same idea,
      > pictures 1& 2 attached show the most popular spots
      and they are just to the west of the Kelderhouse yard
      under some larger trees (but still within site of the
      Trolley stop) and just to the north of these was a
      field and row of larger trees that could be used for
      > over-flow if needed (picture 3). ...
      awareness of the delicate nature of the building
      structures so I don't think anyone intended to
      encamp within the back yard area of the out buildings.
      I thought perhaps I could be set up in front of the
      house, toward the road, to display time-line Port
      Oneida History. (Near the encampment but not actually
      part of it). Anyway, let me know your thoughts when
      you get a chance. Really looking forward to this year,
      - Len Overmyer III

      > > --- Kimberly_Mann@... wrote: >
      Bill and I will take a look at the site. We don't
      want the encampment between the buildings. It needs
      to be in an open area. We will be looking at the back
      orchard or at a site just west of the farmyard.

      > > > We did see the items you shared with Susan and
      anything additional to offer.
      Bill will get back to you on the game.
      > > > Kim

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