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228Civil War book

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  • gpglinka@lycos.com
    Oct 13, 2010
      I have a Civil War book. The copyright is 1898. The title, partly missing is "Pictorial Battle War Record". It states it is carefully written by Julius Wright, Comm. of war dept., Benfiman LaBree,Editor of "Confederate Soldier" and there are others. This book was around when I was a kid in the "50s. I would like to give it to somebody who could use it. It's about 16"x12" and 2" thick. If you can tell what this book is and would know of someone who could put it to use please let me know.
      It has Biographies of Northern and Southern Leaders,Navy rosters, battle lists,Numerous tabular statements of cemetaries, prisoners, andcasualties.

      Thank you,