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  • Michel Hill
    Mike, welcome to the group! I look forward to meeting you and your dad tomorrow night at the Holland Fox Hunt. You know, I don t really know what APRS-DF is
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 19, 2010
      Mike, welcome to the group!  I look forward to meeting you and your dad tomorrow night at the Holland Fox Hunt. 
      You know, I don't really know what APRS-DF is all about.  I do know that APRS radios a location via packet to a site that enables position reporting on the internet.  That's about all I know.  But then, I haven't seen a doppler running before, although I have read a lot about it.  We are not allowing Doppler or other computer aided systems tomorrow night at the request of the fox.  Since this is a warm-up for the season, that probably levels the playing field. 
      I use a 3-element yagi and a "Sniffer" foxhunt receiver/attenuator, and a compass, and all the help I can get from others, like Tom Bosscher.  I also use a automated/remote control "FoxBox" as a practice transmitter.  It is a Byonics.com controller with a transceiver and gel cells in an old ammo case. 
      Could you give me a brief description on APRS-DF?   ... or maybe a link to a site?
      Holland fox hunt info:  http://www.MichiganFoxHunter.com
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      Thanks for the warm invite! Team "Dad and I" are very excited for our first father/son foxhunt. I have read books and accounts on RDF for sometime, but never tried my hand. We are looking forward to tomorrow night! Thanks for the heads up and glad I found the group!

      I wonder does anyone use APRS-DF at all? I realize this is a beginners (and we certainly qualify) event, but I have done a lot of reading on APRS-DF and different articles by WB4APR. Just wondering if anyone has tried it?

      Mike Wolthuis

      --- In MichiganFoxHunter@ yahoogroups. com, "TomB" <k8tb@...> wrote:
      > I just want to say hello to Mike, KB8ZGL, who is joining this list. Mike is planning to be at the Tuesday night Holland hunt, with his dad.
      > Mike is a very active ham, excelling in the IRLP world, where he hosts the Great Lakes Reflectors (9610-9619).
      > Mike will be a great addition to the Michigan group of fox hunters. My guess is that he will become a very strong competitor. Now, if he could team up with Doug Papay, KD8CAO, he of AMSAT fame.
      > Tuesday night should be fun...
      > vy 73, de tom k8tb

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