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For those using GoogleHunt or DoppSite foxhunting software....

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  • W8DER
    Guys and gals, I found this on FoxHunt@mailman.qth.net and thought you might want this information about Google Maps.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2011
      Guys and gals,

      I found this on FoxHunt@... and thought you might want this information about Google Maps.

      From: pelican2@...
      To: FoxHunt@...
      Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 22:04:52 -0800
      Subject: [FoxHunt] GoogleHunt and DoppSite display programs

      To anyone using ( or trying to use ) a copy of the DoppSite or GoogleHunt DF
      programs.... ( from Bob Simmons )

      It seems Google Corporation's latest version of GoogleEarth ( V 6.1 ) has
      some "bugs" that mess up the DF display plots which are generated with my
      DoppSite and GoogleHunt DF programs.

      The problem was noticed about a month ago, only a couple of people have
      noticed and reported it to me... but I get 100 downloads per month of the
      GoogleHunt program, so I figured I better address it.


      Presently, the only solution seems to be using an installation of the
      earlier version of GoogleEarth for the display. ( V 6.0 )

      Google Corp doesn't make it easy to find the older version of the program,
      but it is available on their website.

      I have therefore created a new webpage describing how to find and get the
      older version of GoogleEarth :


      I have also added some notation to the main website page, in the sections
      describing the DoppSite and GoogleHunt programs, with a link to this new

      The main PicoDopp website is here :


      That's it... sorry for any inconvenience. ( but it's not my fault.... )

      Bob S. / WB6EYV
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