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QST - May 2011 - Will include a foxbox controller

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    Good news! I noticed today that the May issue of QST will include an article by Gary Sargent, KE8W0 on a Fox Hunting Transmitter Searching this a little
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2011
      Good news! I noticed today that the May issue of QST will include an article by Gary Sargent, KE8W0 on a "Fox Hunting Transmitter"

      Searching this a little more on http://www.arrl.org/qst-in-depth/ , I notice that it includes a foxbox controller using the PIC 12F675 microcontroller chip.

      Although I don't think anyone can build a controller cheaper than the Byonics Piccon unit, it would be fun to try.

      Here is the description of the software from the website.
      ;This program is used in the ARRL's Big Project Fox Hunter Controller Project.
      ;The program is intended to control a fox hunt transmitter in accordance with
      ;published fox hunt rules as closely as possible. There are 5 transmitters in a typical
      ;fox hunt, MOE through MO5. Each fox transmitter takes its turn during a 5 minute
      ;period to transmit a carrier for one minute. During the one minute of transmission time,
      ;the fox transmits the appropriate callsign in Morse code, at approximately 12 WPM. Toward
      ;the end of the one minute transmission period, the amateur radio callsign of the control
      ;operator is transmitted to satisfy the FCC ID requirement. At the end of the one minute
      ;transmission period, the fox turns off the carrier signal and awaits 4 minutes to beging
      ;transmission of the next one minute period. The program is set up to monitor the frequency
      ;during reception period for the start DTMF tones from the base station radio for control of
      ;all foxes. DTMF 1 sycronizes all 5 foxes to begin the event. DTMF 0 turns all foxes to
      ;stand-by. The DTMF 0 cmmand needs to be sent twice because during the event, one of the foxes
      ;will be transmitting, therefore the control operator must wait for the last fox to return to
      ;receive mode and then resend the DTMF 0 command. Also the commands must be transmitted from
      ;a radio with sufficient signal strength to overcome all other fox transmissions on the frequency.
      ;Program written by
      ;Mark Spencer, WA8SME, Project Coordinator. Phone 860-594-0396 or e-mail

      list p=12F675 ; list directive to define processor
      #include <p12f675.inc> ; processor specific variable definitions
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