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  • kc8pcj
    Reminder on September 25th from Noon to 5:00 PM the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council will be sponsoring a Fox hunt work shop at our club house. Club house
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2010
      Reminder on September 25th from Noon to 5:00 PM the Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council will be sponsoring a Fox hunt work shop at our club house. Club house location is 2888 Scenic Drive North Muskegon, 49443
      Talk in Freq. 146.940 PL 94.8
      Schedule as follows
      12:00 Noon Antenna building workshop (while supplies last see cost below) All materials supplied except connector to your radio, 3 feet of RG58 coax will be in kit. We have 4 kits left please RSVP soon to reserve you kit and/or also for lunch.
      1:00 PM       Lunch , Hamburg and hot dogs. Bring dish to pass. (see cost below)
      2:00 PM       Fox Hunting work shop Learn how to fox hunt and experiment with your equipment. 
                          Anyone that is willing to help educate the rest of us are welcome
      3:00 PM       Fox hunt we will be using the Michigan fox hunter rules Primary fox Frequency is 145.530 back up is 146.580
      4:45 PM       Meet back At MAARC club house for announcement of winners.
      Cost for antenna kit is $6.00 bring your own connector for RG58 coax. (we are planning on having 10 kits.(5 kits left as of this afternoon) please reserve your kit now)
      Cost for Lunch $4.00 and Bring dish to pass.
      ///////////////////// PLEASE RSVP by Wednesday Sept. 22, for antenna and/or for lunch. We need a head count//////////////////////
      RSVP to Jim kc8pcj@... or Jeff W8SWX@... or Barb redoakscorner@...
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