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Many thanks to the Muskegon Group

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    Jim, Once again, thanks for coming. We really enjoyed having your teams here at the Jamestown 880. Please keep the MichiganFoxHunter.com guys and gals
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 22, 2010
      Jim,  Once again, thanks for coming.  We really enjoyed having your teams here at the Jamestown 880. 
      Please keep the MichiganFoxHunter.com guys and gals informed when you hold an event.  Muskegon is close both ways!
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      It was a lot of fun working the Jamestown fox hunt. It was the second foxhunt I have done. First one was a few years ago. I have been and amateur radio operator for just over 10 years. Work a lot with the muskegon RACES/ ARES, and also belong to the MAARC of Muskegon.
          There were 5 hams along with 3 non hams(wives) that went to the Jamestown Hunt. We started out at Logan's for dinner in Muskegon and wound up not getting to the start location until about 7:05. even with the late start we all (including the wives) had a great time and learned a lot. We worked in two teams and were using slightly different equipment. Barb(KD8FBY) and Jack (K8CYV) were using a tape measure yagi with an active attenuator. Jeff (W8SWX) was using a tape measure antenna and was working the third harmonic when close enough. Dave(KD8OCZ) and myself(KC8PCJ) were using a tape measure beam with an inline open attenuator and also using wide FM. I found that when I switched from std FM to wide FM my signal went from full scale to about 3 s units on the recv. This with the inline attenuator worked well when we were up close but not yet personal with the fox, with in about 1000 ft and with a hill in between us.
      In talking with Jeff and Dave we are thinking about doing a Foxhunt work shop. It will be a build an antenna and foxhunt with multiple transmitters, but the location of the transmitters will be know. That way we can try different ideas as a group from multiple locations, transmitters and distances and see how things work. I had a couple of ideas and equipment that I had brought with me but did not have time to experiment during the hunt.  Maybe we can do this on a Saturday at the MAARC club house and have a small cook out also. I will keep the group informed on what and when we decide to do. At this point it looks like I will not be able to make the Sept hunt as my wife and I will be in or close to the UP on vacation camping.
      Thanks again for the great time in Jamestown.

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