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478Birthday Foxhunt

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  • David Thill
    Aug 23 6:20 PM

       The KD8OCZ birthday fox hunt is this Sunday the 25. 
      Time : meet at 2pm fox hunt starting at 3pm potluck at 5pm
      Place meet at MAARC club house 2888 Scenic Drive. the pot luck will be here too.
      What to bring? your self, a friend or two, your fox hunting gear, your own main dish and if you want a salad or desert to pass. 

      The fox will transmit on 145.530  1 min. on and 3 mins. off  if the fox is using my robofox
      Talk in on the 146.82 repeater 
      simplex  talk 147.435

      Please reply to me if you are coming for sure would like to get an idea for birthday cake!

      Dave Thill