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157Tentative Announcement for the next Western Michigan Fox Hunt

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  • K8TB
    Sep 4, 2010
      Set aside Sept 15, a Wednesday night, for one more of a great
      series of West Michigan Fox Hunts this year.


      Gather at the southern end of parking lot of the Family Farm and
      Home store at 6101 Lake Michigan Dr in Allendale. A Huntington Bank is
      just in front of the store. Stay close to the Lake Michigan Dr side.
      Gather by 6:30 PM.

      The Vixen-Fox will start transmitting at 6:45PM. Yup, 15 minutes
      earlier. Gotta give some people time to find us before dark!

      Frequency will be 145.53, with a Robo-Fox sequence of 1 minute on,
      2 minutes off.

      Vixen-Fox will be within 200 feet of their vehicle. The signal will
      stay the same power, fixed antenna, vertically polarized.

      Vixen-Fox will be within 8.13 "as the crow flies" miles of the
      starting spot.

      Other details are typical. Vixen-Fox will be in plain site,
      however, they may be wearing camouflaged outfits so it may be difficult
      to see them.

      Fox ends at 8:45 PM. Lowest mileage wins. Dopplers invited, but
      they only win their category.

      Have a great time "trying" to find us...