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9576Touch (SPOILERS)

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  • Tchula Ripton
    Jan 20, 2014
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      Hello, everyone! I hope everyone has had a chance to pick up Touch,
      either in hardcover, or ebook format.

      I have to say, I enjoyed this second installment a bit more than
      Silence, even though there was not a lot of action (until the very end).
      Heavily character driven, we got to see more of the psychology of
      grief, and how people react to the loss of loved ones. Chase, in
      particular, I find myself liking much more, since we found out more
      about his tragic background.

      In addition, the interaction of Emma with her parents, and Michael with
      his mother was interesting. Maybe it's because I'm a parent myself, but
      I always enjoy those moments when a teenager begins to see her parent as
      a person, with hopes and dreams, rather than just good ol' Mom or Dad.
      I remember when it happened to me growing up, and it was nice to see
      Emma confront this reality as her mother begins dating again.

      The lost child, Mark, and the relationship with his mother was an
      interesting twist, very different from Drew and Maria's relationship.
      Michael's questions and reactions were poignant to see.

      I'm not sure I like Nathan getting a flesh shell there at the end, but I
      guess we'll see. Allison is right to be wary of Emma spending too much
      time with Nathan's ghost, because she is still of the living and he is
      dead. Also, I loved when Amy said of the Queen of the Dead: "Yeah,
      she's got to go."

      (Is it just me or does Amy remind anyone of Cordelia from the
      Buffy-verse? And Allison makes me think of Willow. Imo, this whole
      series has a very "Buffy" feel to it, minus the vampires.)

      Well, I enjoyed it, and look forward to hearing everyone's
      opinions/thoughts. Discuss away!

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