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9568RE: [MichelleWest] Cast in Sorrow (SPOILER THREAD)

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  • Wolf SilverOak
    Sep 24, 2013



      It was odd not to see the blurb about the story continuing in the next book at the end of this one.}:)




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      The name of the next book is Cast in Flames, I believe. It will
      probably be out next fall sometime, although since the next West novel,
      Oracle was delayed a bit and is expected in mid-2014, that could be


      On 9/24/13 1:17 PM, Wolf SilverOak wrote:
      > I can answer a few of the things you are unclear about... see below. I
      > have one question- what's the name of the next book, or is there even a
      > next book?}:P

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