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9564Re: [MichelleWest] Cast in Sorrow (SPOILER THREAD)

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  • Paula Lieberman
    Sep 24, 2013

      To me it was clear that young Barrani don't have the same outlook as adult
      Adult Barrani -survived- .
      What was involved in surviving, mostly changed them.

      Way back in Cast in Courtlight, Nightshade told Kaylin that the Lord of the
      Green and the Lord of the West's relationship of support for one another,
      was legendary [implicitly, part of why it was legendary, was its
      uniqueness]. Kaylin's perspective was that it was because of the Lady and
      her hand raising her sons. The perspective from the Barrani discussing
      things with Kaylin in the most recent two books, however, did not mention
      the Consort who had been the Consort at the start of Cast in Courtlight, as
      a factor in the two brothers cooperating instead of lethally competing
      against one another.

      Key points in Teela's life, included:
      o her training with the other "special" Barrani children (though apparently
      the exchange of True Names between young Barrani was not uncommon)
      o the too-young presence at the Regalia
      o (mostly in retrospect) The insistence of the High Hall Barrani over the
      objection of the West March Barrani, to bring the children to the Regalia
      o events at the Regalia including the shedding of blood in anger and its
      effect on the Green, the deaths of most of the adults at the Regalia and the
      effects of that on the Green, the death of her mother, and the effect upon
      Teela of her mother's request to the Green, which prevented Teela from being
      subjected to the same changes affecting her cadre
      o Teela's older siblings not surviving
      o Teela passing the test of the High Halls and becoming a Lord
      o Teela killing her father, acting as executioner for his wrongdoing
      subjecting children to the Regalia and causing the death of her mother
      o Teela returning to the West March as harmoniste, surviving and the others
      making the journey with her surviving, but with her unable to free the

      Things I remain curious/confused about:
      o the familial geneaological relationships among Teela and
      oo the Barrani Caste Lord, his sister/Consort/the Lady, and their brother
      the Lord of the West March
      oo Evarrim
      oo Nightshade
      o the familial relationships of Nightshade, Evarrim, and the three siblings
      the Barrani High Lord, the Consort, and the Lord of the West
      o where does Andellen fit into all that? He's a Lord in his own right, but
      chose to depart the High Halls to keep company with Nightshade, when
      NIghtshade was made Outcaste
      o What was the cause of Nightshade being Outcaste? In private the Lord of
      the Green and the Lord of the West did not bear him ill-will, and there was
      obvious tenderness between the former Lord of the West's sister and
      Nightshade. Anteela and Evarrim hold Nightshde in contempt. Anteela told
      Kaylin she had never liked Nightshade. Nightshade doesn't hold Anteela in
      contempt. The Lady told Kaylin she didn't know why Nightshade was made
      Outcaste. Also, Nightshade indicated that if his status as Outcaste were
      ever revoked, the circumstances necessary to make it necessary d be
      extremely dire.
      o Nightshade said his brother, grown to adulthood, would be someone Kaylin
      would not like. There seems to be an implication in that that once upon a
      time Nightshade was like Annarion, but the process of maturing into
      adulthood with Lordship changes Barrani in ways anathema to Kaylin (the
      exceptions being the Caste Lord, the Lady, the Lord of the West March, and
      Teela. Presumably the differences in them include them carrying into and
      beyond the passage into Adulthood, -hope- which has not become fully
      polluted with cynicism--the Lord of the Green and the Lord of the West
      neither attempted not succeeded in sibling assassination, and were not
      competing to be sole son to inherit their father's position. Their sister
      did not therefore see her brothers in lethal, to the death competition.
      Teela had those unique circumstances and the 11 Barrani who had been
      children with her who held her Name, she was sundered from.

      Kaylin is finally going to not be the youngest/most junior Hawk??

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      From: Tchula Ripton
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      Annarion seems very idealistic to me, for a Barrani. Mandaron, too, for
      that matter. Maybe it's more common than we think in the young, before
      they have a chance to become jaded. (How very human of them.) ;-P

      I especially liked how Teela made it clear to Kaylin that Barrani do
      know how to love, but they learn to hide it well, because it's loss
      scars them and time doesn't heal the loss. It makes it understandable
      to me why the Barrani would not wish to become overly attached to
      mortals, with their much shorter life spans, let alone members of their
      own race.

      Your explanation about the small dragon makes sense. Kaylin decided she
      didn't want to use him to change the past, thereby telling a "lie" with
      True Words. He could very well be a kind of time elemental. I still
      wish he had an actual name though. I'm going to start referring to him
      as Bob if Kaylin doesn't figure out something to call him soon. lol


      On 9/4/13 4:33 PM, Jennifer Poeschl wrote:
      > I doubt Annarion will have much objection to the way Nightshade rules
      > his fief. He IS barrani, and they tend to view mortals as pets or
      > monkeys that can occasionally speak a civilized language. The only
      > reason I suspect he was offended in behalf of Kaylin is because, by
      > saving him and the lost children, she has shown herself to be a power.
      > Most mortals (especially those in the fiefs) have nothing approaching
      > that power - hence the above mentioned monkeys.
      > I think the familiar is essentially a name or time elemental. We've
      > already moved past the idea that there are four essential elements (air,
      > water, fire, earth) with the Devourer - he's essentially a void or null
      > elemental. The familiar seems to have the ability, if named correctly,
      > to change past events, and change the meaning of true words. And Kaylin
      > did name him - as it said, his name wasn't a "name", it was a statement
      > of the limitations of his powers, in essence. In terms of that, I would
      > almost say Kaylin named him Hope. But she did name him, and thereby
      > limited his power, so he couldn't be used to alter the past, or the
      > meanings of true words.
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