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9558Re: [MichelleWest] Cast in Sorrow (SPOILER THREAD)

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  • Tchula Ripton
    Sep 4, 2013
      Annarion seems very idealistic to me, for a Barrani. Mandaron, too, for
      that matter. Maybe it's more common than we think in the young, before
      they have a chance to become jaded. (How very human of them.) ;-P

      I especially liked how Teela made it clear to Kaylin that Barrani do
      know how to love, but they learn to hide it well, because it's loss
      scars them and time doesn't heal the loss. It makes it understandable
      to me why the Barrani would not wish to become overly attached to
      mortals, with their much shorter life spans, let alone members of their
      own race.

      Your explanation about the small dragon makes sense. Kaylin decided she
      didn't want to use him to change the past, thereby telling a "lie" with
      True Words. He could very well be a kind of time elemental. I still
      wish he had an actual name though. I'm going to start referring to him
      as Bob if Kaylin doesn't figure out something to call him soon. lol


      On 9/4/13 4:33 PM, Jennifer Poeschl wrote:
      > I doubt Annarion will have much objection to the way Nightshade rules
      > his fief. He IS barrani, and they tend to view mortals as pets or
      > monkeys that can occasionally speak a civilized language. The only
      > reason I suspect he was offended in behalf of Kaylin is because, by
      > saving him and the lost children, she has shown herself to be a power.
      > Most mortals (especially those in the fiefs) have nothing approaching
      > that power - hence the above mentioned monkeys.
      > I think the familiar is essentially a name or time elemental. We've
      > already moved past the idea that there are four essential elements (air,
      > water, fire, earth) with the Devourer - he's essentially a void or null
      > elemental. The familiar seems to have the ability, if named correctly,
      > to change past events, and change the meaning of true words. And Kaylin
      > did name him - as it said, his name wasn't a "name", it was a statement
      > of the limitations of his powers, in essence. In terms of that, I would
      > almost say Kaylin named him Hope. But she did name him, and thereby
      > limited his power, so he couldn't be used to alter the past, or the
      > meanings of true words.
      >> I didn't really get the stuff about the small dragon being "elemental".
      >> I wonder what would happen if Kaylin took him into the Garden? The only
      >> thing I can think is that maybe he is an aspect of Order, while the
      > > Ferals in the Outlands were affected by Chaos? Idk, it was confusing.
      >> And he still doesn't have an actual Name, although it seems like he's
      > > altered Kaylin's marks some how? If anyone has any insight about this,
      >> I'd love to hear it.
      >> Tchula
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