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11Re: [Michalak_Boats_Photos_Only_3] New Photos for DockBox Model

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  • James Greene
    Dec 12, 2005
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      Good Job Steve!

      Dockbox is a cute little thing, isn't she?

      Until now I never realized that there's a "box" on the floor on each side in the cabin. So that's where some storage can be found, eh? If this boat were mine, I would want a removable wooden panel to cover the center section at night -- to make the entire interior into a flat floor area for a very sprawling and luxurious sleeping space for two people.

      What's the use of that space behind the cabin? Is that for a gas tank for the tiny outboard engine? Or for an anchor or line or porta-potty or stove or drogue or other goodies? Is there more storage space under that deck? If so, how do you access it, through a hole in the back of the middle of the cabin at floor level?

      I also wonder what Dockbox might look like if you extend the front of the cabin all the way to the front of the boat. This would clearly give you lots more space inside, although I'm sure it would really change the character and appearance of such a small boat too.

      If I were going to extend the cabin to the front of the boat, I would also consider tilting the front windows/wall forward -- like those found on some Tolman Skiffs for example, such as this one:


      If this were done on a dockbox you'd be looking out looking directly over the water when you look out of the front windows!

      Then again, maybe the reason for the smaller center cabin is to keep the occupants in the middle of the boat. It is a very small boat after all.

      Another thing I might consider in its current configuration is to find a way to drive it by sitting on the roof on one side or the other, facing forward and hanging my feet in front of the "windshield". I guess this would require some kind of remote control for the engine, but that shouldn't be too hard to do either, especially on a boat this simple.

      This is an outboard driven boat, right?


      James Greene

      On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:57:34 -0000, greyfire69 wrote:
      > If you're interested in seeing what the DockBox could look like, new
      > photos (of the model painted) have been posted to the DockBox Model
      > photo album here on Michalak_Boats_Photos_Only_3.
      > These pictures are how I would build this little boat, if I ever do.
      > The one thing that I have not included is the rails around the aft part
      > of the boat. Those would help with boarding so I would build those. I
      > don't see where the rails shown on the bow of the boat add anything
      > though, so I would leave them off. I think the bow looks cleaner that
      > way.
      > -=- Steve
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