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Re: [Michalak] Re: mayfly 16 seats not parallel to chine

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    Sorry to be so late in coming to this issue. The Disclaimer I built my Mayfly16 2 years ago and I m 66 years old! I seem to remember thinking the same thing
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 15, 2013
      Sorry to be so late in coming to this issue. The Disclaimer I built my Mayfly16 2 years ago and I'm 66 years old!

      I seem to remember thinking the same thing about the placement of the outer seat support but didn't get hung up on it, measured and glued it in place, did have trouble getting it bent had to steam the 1x2 to get it in . The thing to remember is that this seat support is also the support for the lower leeboard support, and 2 real big bolts go from the outside edges of the leeboard support through the sides and seat support. so a lot hangs on that little 1x2 and it works.
      Kenny Giles
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      I don't have a set of Mayfly plans and I have never seen an M-16. With that
      as a warning, I offer a couple of thoughts.

      Jim's plans are usually drawn to a scale of 1 ½ inch equals 1 ft. Therefore
      a curve of 1 ½" in an 8 ft length would show up as 1/10th of an inch on the
      plans. Then there is the thickness of the lines on the plans. In short, what
      appears to be a straight line may actually have a slight curve in it.

      Regardless of the plans, you now have an assembled hull which cannot be
      easily disassembled and you pretty much have to live with the hull shape you
      have. I assume that you have installed the inboard seat supports and that
      they are pretty close to parallel. Take a straight piece of wood which is
      long enough to span both seat supports and reach one side of the boat. Use
      this to mark the inside of the boats sides every 6-8" (marking off the
      bottom of the piece of wood) and glue and/or screw a strip of wood to the
      inside of the hull and align it with your marks. The strip of wood need not
      be very heavy-1/2" x ¾" is probably enough. Cut your seat tops a couple of
      inches wide, put them in place, and use a compass to mark the curves along
      the sides. Cut the curves and your seat tops should fit pretty well.

      If it helps any, the issue of taking measurements off scaled drawings can be
      a problem when you are trying to loft full scale lines. "Instant boats"
      rely on panels "springing together" over minimal molds to establish the
      shape of the boat. If the measurements supplied by the designer are
      precisely accurate, and if the panels are cut accurately, and if the
      material springs the way the designer thought it might, then the finished
      boat matches the designer's plans very closely. If any of these things
      contains an error, the finished boat will vary a little bit from the plans.
      If we were building one design boats which would be measured very closely
      before they were allowed to compete, small errors would matter. We're not an
      small errors don't matter enough to worry about. We deal with any errors
      that pop up and enjoy our boats.



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      Subject: [Michalak] Re: mayfly 16 seats not parallel to chine

      Maybe one of the other M16 builders could chime in here?

      I just looked at my set of plans, yes the line is dead straight on the
      plans, maybe bending the sides into their 3D shape puts this out a bit?

      I'm sure the seats are meant to be flat and parallel to the water as the
      support for the front of each seat is a straight bit of 1-1/2 x 3-1/2.

      Maybe the answer is to install these seat front supports first, then run a
      straight edge across the top of both of them and extend it to the sides and
      use that to mark where the side supports should be?


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      > Maby the seat curves, I don't know. I do know you can contact Jim Michalak
      & he will help you. He helped me with the mizzen on KaaNoo. I think his
      contact info is on Duckworks Magazine.
      > Â
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      > Subject: [Michalak] Re: mayfly 16 seats not parallel to chine
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      > Thanks for your reply. When I checked the measurements from the plan to
      the boat they are all correct, yet when I put a straightedge from one
      bulkhead to the other the straight edge is off by 1 1/2" in the center. The
      other plan sheet shows the seat to be straight. There is no way to measure
      the straight edge to the waterline from inside. Please help if you can. Many
      thanks in advance,
      > Chuck
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      > > They should be level, parallel to the waterline. The gunwale has a curve
      to it. I would go by the plans.
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      > > From: epoxy15 <cmccabe@>
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      > > Subject: [Michalak] mayfly 16 seats not parallel to chine
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      > > Ok- I flipped my mayfly 16 after fiberglassing the bottom. The line for
      the seats look funny although I measured them again and they match with the
      plans. Should they be parallel with the gunwale? By the way I still haven't
      figured out to start a thread. Answers to either or both questions will be
      greatly appreciated.
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      > > Chuck
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