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Re: PolySail Colors (Cross Post)

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  • PolySail_Dave
    Thanks for pointing that out, Roger. I might have been overlooking the obvious. Yes, http://www.polysail.com is my web site and
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      Thanks for pointing that out, Roger. I might have been overlooking the
      obvious. Yes, http://www.polysail.com <http://www.polysail.com> is my
      web site and http://polysail.com/products.htm
      <http://polysail.com/products.htm> is where people go to see what we
      offer in the way of sail kits, finished sails, and custom sails. I go
      way back with Jim and his designs, and for several years in the 1990's,
      my PolySails were often seen on his sailboats. That might have changed
      when he published his book, Duckworks started handling his plans and
      doing many of the sails for his boats, and I moved from Indiana and what
      was regular attendance at Jim's Midwest Messabouts to Florida. PolySail
      International and my name might not be known to many of the members of
      this forum who have joined in the past few years or built many of Jim's
      newer designs. I'll try not to assume that familiarity in the future.

      Dave Gray

      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Roger Padvorac" wrote:
      > Dave,
      > I think Carl might have been asking where you do business. Is this
      your web site?
      > www.polysail.com
      > Nothing in your email or email address indicates where the colored
      poly tarp can be purchased.
      > Its always a fine line figuring out where helpful information stops
      and the hard sell starts in discussion groups. I think it would be fine,
      when offering new materials, which are central to the topic of the
      group, to briefly describe them like you did, and then say "for more
      information check such and such web site" with a link to the specific
      page about those materials.
      > The color of natural unbleached cotton isn't exactly an off-white, but
      is pretty close to it. I appreciate that you added a near off-white
      color. House paints have lots of off-white colors (like milk, cream, and
      eggshell) because pure white is just so stark and so bright and easily
      creates glare. In a boat there is already plenty of glare from the
      water, who wants more glare from their sail?
      > Sincerely,
      > Roger
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      > Subject: [Michalak] Re: PolySail Colors (Cross Post)
      > They come from a number of different polytarp suppliers ...
      > Dave
      > --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, Carl Volkwein wrote:
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      > > Where can I get these color tarps?
      > >
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      > > From: PolySail_Dave polysail@
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      > > Subject: [Michalak] PolySail Colors (Cross Post)
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      > > Â
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      > > John Beale, an employee of the Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez,
      > > recently asked me for a photo of the color combinations of polytarp
      > sail
      > > material and trim tapes that I use in house for finished and custom
      > > PolySails. I was a little surprised myself when I lined the tarps
      > > tapes all up on a white leg o' mutton PolySail that I had just
      > finished.
      > > I posted that photo in the photo section. I'm especially looking
      > > forward to building a sample sail from the new desert sand color
      > that's
      > > in the middle of the photo. While it's a little difficult to tell in
      > the
      > > photo, it reminds me of the old canvas sails. I just got that color
      > > yesterday. I hope this photo encourages others to take advantage of
      > some
      > > of the color combinations that are available using polytarp sails.
      > >
      > > Dave Gray
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