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Re: [Michalak] Re: Rigid Wing Sail

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  • jhargrovewright2@juno.com
    I could see a lot of good background in your wing. I predict great success...and even more fun. Tom Speer, I understand, also consulted on Oracle. We will
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      I could see a lot of good background in your wing. I predict great success...and even more fun. Tom Speer, I understand, also consulted on Oracle. We will compare notes and experiences by late summer. I have many boat projects scheduled to begin very soon. A proa with a cylindrical sail/wing for the Texas 200 and a sailing canoe for the EC. But, tomorrow some sidewalk for me and a fence for the dogs.. so they don't get eaten by the local coyote and cougar. I am very impressed with Jim Michalak and his leeboard and rudder designs. I have a "Laguna" built by Chuck (Duckworks). My first one burned with the house. JIB

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      Wow! Thanks for the link (and sorry about the boat barn burn). I was happy to see Mark Drela's name again. I love his book on the Daedalus. The Oracle America's Cup wing has John Ronz's name connected to it (designed the Rutan Voyager laminar airfoil). I've used both of their spreadsheets for model aircraft predictions (I'm a C/L sport flyer).

      I usually have tons more horsepower (wind) in the spring than necessary, so I don't care about wing inefficiencies. Being a pilot, I understand airfoils, flaps, slots, wing warping, and ailerons; plus I've had aerodynamic theory in college (understood just enough to pass). I have specific experiments in mind, hence the all flying symmetrical airfoil sans control surfaces (which I have the skills to control). Good enough for a first test article (I also work for the same aircraft manufacture that Jim M. did).

      My goal was to built a rigid wing sail fast, build simple (no 2 part hinge section), build cheap, and see what it does. If it works as well as my 1.5HP Cruise'n Carry can push the boat, Success! If it looks cooler than store bought boats - More success! If it collapses in a catastrophic failure and provides great YouTube footage, Outstanding success. Either way, I'll learn something I didn't know before - and share the results here.

      St. Louis, MO

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      > I am delighted with your quest. You are on the right track as far as performance is concerned. And your apparent familiarity with wing structure and materials and theory shows. Model builder I see. Take a look at Tom Speer's page at http://www.tspeer.com/ Go down to wing sails. You are not allowed to see the hydrofoil data on this page since you will have your wing boat sprouting hydrofoils....next. I built a reefable wing sail that showed much promise but it along with my home burned within a week of its completion and I have been detracted from my hobby until now....The home is finished...well almost another 30 days max to complete the yard and misc. little things. Then the fun starts, again. Keep us posted on you successes and failures. Sometimes the failures are necessary for progress. JIB
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