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2013 PDRacer and Small Boat Event Calendar (X-Post)

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  • PolySail_Dave
    OK, I know it s coming late this year, but I missed having my PDRacer calendar on my desk when 2013 rolled in. I wasn t going to do a calendar this year
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2013
      OK, I know it's coming late this year, but I missed having my PDRacer
      calendar on my desk when 2013 rolled in. I wasn't going to do a calendar
      this year because I didn't get much response to my request for photos,
      but it just didn't seem right not supporting this little boat and their
      World championship events that I enjoy so much. After all, I'm
      finishing up my sixth build in the last seven or eight months if you
      count mailable kits, boatbuilding with families and apprentice
      boatbuilders, and replacement boats for myself and my son. Seeing as how
      I had to use mostly my own photos, I changed the theme somewhat to
      "Getting Your Feet Wet" with an appropriate cover photo of Dr. Ken
      Sherwood wading out to push off his young daughter Ceci in the Z-PDR
      that I gifted to her at this year's Worlds, courtesy of my son.

      There's an expanded list of events on this year's calendar that will
      interest most small boat sailors. I've scoured the existing calendars
      and talked to numerous event planners to get dates and places across the
      US. And, of course, the PDRacer Worlds are in Canada this year,
      appropriately on Canada Day.

      I felt guilty because this year's calendar was too late for Christmas,
      so the prices are reduced 25% from last year; but c'mon, guys and gals,
      there aren't really THAT many small boat events in January. (I shouldn't
      say that. There is a big hatch planned in Cortez, FL starting on the
      12th sponsored by the Maritime Museum of Florida.) Anyhow, if you want
      to start planning early for this year's biggest and best events, or if
      you just miss your PDRacer desk calendar, or if you like supporting a
      boat that brings lots of novices into boatbuilding and sailing, go to
      the PolySail International Product Page at
      http://polysail.com/products.htm <http://polysail.com/products.htm>
      and scroll down to order. As always, all profits beyond expenses go to
      support the PDRacer web site and the host of the PDRacer Worlds.

      Thanks in advance for your continuing support.

      Dave Gray

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