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  • Bob
    Cold her in Phila. as I wait for a Scram Pram 152sf sail plan from Jim to put on my self designed Wanderer. I ve also built a Toto with my son-in-law.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2010
      Cold her in Phila. as I wait for a Scram Pram 152sf sail plan from Jim to put on my self designed Wanderer. I've also built a Toto with my son-in-law.

      Meanwhile, a few of us are trying to gather a larger messabout on the East Coast and would love to see (and maybe sail) a bunch of Jim's boats.

      Here's the poop ... do chime in ...


      EASTERN MESSABOUT - Information for people who want to "mess about" in boats .. sailboats, powerboats, canoe & kayak; home-built or commercial. More the merrier !

      3 boaters gathered in 07' @ Kingston, NY. Then 08' & 09' at Hawk Island Marina, on the Rancocas off the Delaware River N of Phila. 6 -8 boats & 7 - 9 boaters, wonderfully varied each year. (See picts.) A great time; write-ups on Duckworks magazine online. But - no beach, limited camping, and couldn't find a better location for 10'. SO ..

      1 -Know a venue with ramp, beach and campground between
      northern Jersey, Maryland / Delaware, or Southeastern PA ?

      2 - Are you interested and would you like to come ? How many days ?

      3 - What time of year would you .. avoiding the Michalak Rend Lake
      Messabout fathers Day, the Texas 200, FL120, May Storm Joust,and
      Mid-Atlantic Small Craft festival in the Fall ?

      4 - And, PLEASE, your location and boat(s) @ log in to see what is possible for a messabout.

      We're looking for a site with decent ramp, dock and beach; prefer no hp limit for larger boats; camping w/ shoreline where boats can beach or anchor out, and nearby motels for those with need for amenities.

      So far (12/5) 3 locations have emerged:

      POINT LOOKOUT STATE PARK on the Potomac, VA;

      SPRUCE RUN STATE PARK in Clinton, NJ
      10hp limit; (need a NJ trailer permit to launch - at nearby Walmart)

      ROGERS ROCK STATE CAMPGROUND on northern Lake George,NY,;
      (meets requirements & beautiful, w/ good sailing, isn't 'around the corner', need a LG permit over 18' or 10hp - easy online or nearby .)

      ! NOTE - Life is not risk free. This is strictly to be a voluntary activity of consenting adults, responsible for your own person, family & equipment.
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