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Eastern Messabout IDEAS PLEASE !

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  • Bob
    Declared yesterdays sail on the Delaware the last sail of the season and now it s time to think about the 2011 season. Got a PDracer, a Michalak Laguna,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2010
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      Declared yesterdays sail on the Delaware the "last sail of the season" and now it's time to think about the 2011 season.

      Got a PDracer, a Michalak Laguna, Welsford or Storer design, canoe or kayak, a traditional classic, Potter, a design of your own ???


      We (Steve Bosquette and Bob Throne) need your input .. we'd like to see your boat, sail with you - and maybe swap tillers, and swap ideas, stories, and boating yarns .. preferably over a good meal (potluck) by the water.

      So we've started a Yahoo Group hoping we can put together a good time in 2011. It is described as:

      "Information about and for people who want to gather to "mess about" in boats .. sailboats, powerboats, canoe & kayak .. home built or manufactured .. 6' to 25 -35'.

      Two were held in 08' and 09' at Hawk Island Marina, on the Rancocas just off the Delaware River north of Philadelphia. We had a great time and there are write-ups on Duckworks magazine online.


      But there was no beach and limited camping, and we couldn't find a better location for 2010. ... SO ...

      1 - do you know of a venue with ramp, beach and campground say between northern Jersey,
      Southeastern Pennsylvania or Maryland / Delaware ?

      2 - are you interested and would you like to come ?

      3 - What time of year would you suggest .. avoiding the Michalak Rend Lake Messabout Fathers Day,
      the Texas 200, and the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft festival in the Fall ?"

      We're looking for a site with a decent ramp, dock and beach; preferably no hp limit so larger boats can come; camping with a shoreline where boats can beach or be anchored out, and some nearby motels for those with need for amenities.

      Here's the url - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EasternMessabout

      Or reply directly to me. Don't be shy .. help us make a good time for all.

      Thanks and Fair winds,

      Bob Throne

      (My boat is a self-designed "Wanderer" - 15' x 6'9' pocket cruiser, yawl rigged launched in 07' (balanced lug planned for next season.)

      (Steve has built more than a dozen, of which a Bolger Sneakeasy has been his favorite .. he's design something new for next season.)
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