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Re: balanced lug question

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  • gbship
    Carl: Oaracle s mizzen is small by any standards, it s only 12 or 13 square feet compared to the 113 square foot main. By comparson, Wooboto has a 15 square
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      Oaracle's mizzen is small by any standards, it's only 12 or 13 square feet compared to the 113 square foot main. By comparson, Wooboto has a 15 square foot mizzen and a 74 square foot main and Mikesboat has a 25 square foot mizzen and a 113 square foot main.

      It was designed partially to trim out a bit of lee helm I got under some conditions -- that was before I realized that all 3 of my balanced luggers tended to get lee helm in light airs, and I've seen other people report the same. The sail is small enough that it has little effect on helm balance, maybe a touch more weather helm, but nothing to worry about. I have adjusted helm balance by moving the main downhaul forward and back on all my sails and within reason there's no harm in doing so. It doesn't seem to affect speed or performance much, but does affect balance. the most notable change was on my 30-footer, which was originally rigged as a dipping lugger. When I put a boom on it and tied the downhaul to keep the same amount of the sail foot forward of the mast, I found the boat reached and ran well, but was dead (well, very slow anyway) on the wind. I looked at Bolger's 100 Small Boat Rigs and noted he had less of the foot forward of the mast on balanced lugs than he did on dipping lugs. So I slid the downhaul forward a bit and it fixed the problem. the boat had had a neutral helm on the wind and this gave it about the right amount of weather helm as well.

      The last time I hauled that boat, I slid the downhaul even further forward as an experiment, but overdid it and had too much weather helm and had to slide it back again :-) Live and learn.

      Even though it's small, Oaracle's mizzen nearly doubles the set up time because you have to step the mast, raise the halyard, set the sprit boom, install the mizzen, and thread the sheet through the boomkin fairlead. I'm with Michalak here: I rarely use it on a daysail, but always set it for a cruise.

      It will hold Oaracle into the wind in a breeze, although it might not in a light wind, being on the small side. It also provided control for the boat once when the wind and waves kicked up and we had to drop the main completely. The mizzen let us reach back to protected waters under good control. It's also useful when rowing in moderate wind, helping to keep the bow pointed in the wind, if that's the way we've got to go.

      It is cut completely flat, with a straight head, foot, and luff, and a bit of hollow in the leach. Nonetheless, it assumes a pretty curve when in use.


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, Carl Haddick <carl@...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Dave, I've seen pictures of Oaracle's mizzen and that's what I
      > was thinking of.
      > Seems to me if a boat were perfectly balanced it would suffer to weather
      > with a mizzen, whatever thrust gained offset by more weather helm.
      > I bet there's a way, though, to balance a Frolic2 as a yawl. Maybe a
      > little less main with it's effort farther forward, or just stepped
      > farther forward.
      > Carl
      > On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 01:45:24PM -0000, windgypsy34 wrote:
      > > Hi Carl, We have only sailed our Mikesboat yawl for one season, but we am convinced that the mizzen is a great addition. The boat will heave to very easily using the mizzen and a bit of rudder. The boat will be almost rock steady in this position for hoisting or dropping sails, having lunch or whatever. Also, the mizzen can produce an extra kick of boat speed, especially off the wind.
      > > Regarding the balanced lug main question, I believe that Chuck L. at DUCKWORKS has mentioned moving the downhaul aft along the boom to project more sail area ahead of the mast when sailing off the wind. We have not tried it yet, but it does make sense based on our experience with our boat.
      > > If I'm not mistaken, Gary B. has a yawl rig on his Frolic that has finished several WaterTribe Everglades Challenges.
      > > Dave
      > > --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, Carl Haddick <carl@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I've never sailed a boat with a mizzen, but I like the idea. Balancing
      > > > the helm, that sounds nice, as does something to steady the boat at
      > > > anchor.
      > > >
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