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Re: RAIDER, part 2

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  • wwbaginski
    This is a set of photos related to Norm s report: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10196268@N05/sets/72157606446826794/ wojtek
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      This is a set of photos related to Norm's report:



      > RAIDER, part 2
      > Posted by: "Norm Wolfe" norman.wolfe@... normwolfe1
      > Date: Sat Jul 26, 2008 9:37 am ((PDT))
      > Raider, part 2
      > Summary so far. Raider was designed by Jim M. for me to build and sail
      > in Estonia and in RAID Finland. After two years of looking, RAIDER was
      > built by a non-boating Estonian carpenter (who spoke some English) and
      > his some time employer, using local Baltic plywood and local pine
      > lumber and local epoxy. Her mast is a 6 meter fiberglass flag pole,
      > and the yard is a piece of broken aluminum Laser mast. The boom was
      > hastily and poorly constructed from local lumber.
      > She was built in about 2 months, with me helping the second month. She
      > was launched off a trailer in Loviisa, Finland on 19 July 2008 and
      > began serious sailing in RAID Finland noon Sunday, 20 July. The boom
      > sprung part way (failed to stagger the joints properly) and we
      > replaced it by cutting down a pine sapling and carving the bark off of
      > it. Works great.
      > Now, part 2:
      > Monday, 21 July. Wind 20, waves about 4 feet. Sailed 12 miles on a
      > broad and beam reach. Wojtek Baginski joined Mary McGuire and I while
      > Ed McGuire sailed in Mike Hanyi's authentic (cotton sails and lines)
      > Rivera by Nat Herreshoff.
      > We began with 1 reef, tucked in behind the first island and dropped
      > the anchor on 80 feet of rode about 50 feet from shore. No bottom, but
      > it slowed our drift. Tied in the second reef. No change in speed.
      > Still felt overpowered, so about 20 minutes later, tied in the third.
      > Still no change in speed, but the motion was much better. Finally
      > turned west to approach the anchorage. We were sailing nearly down
      > wind and had to do several 360's so that the Haven 12 1/2 could enter
      > first, as he had local knowledge. We struck the sail and winded into
      > the beach through a passage in the weeds about 10 feet wide, using 3
      > meter oars. It was so narrow that I successfully tried sculling with
      > one oar over the stern, tied a cleat with a light line. I will install
      > an oar lock.
      > On Tuesday the same conditions plus a forecast afternoon thunderstorm
      > helped us decide to take a lay day and stay at the nice hotel. Happy
      > we did, as the thunderstorm was quite strong. I was able to make some
      > minor repairs and install some more convenience features, such as
      > slings for storing 4 - 3 meter long oars.
      > 23 July we waited until noon for one more crew member for another
      > boat, then departed. Wind was forecast for 8-12 knots, but was
      > measured on the water at 21 knots. We tied in two reefs shortly after
      > starting, and another after about an hour, while beached for a late
      > lunch on the lee side of a small island. Our destination that night
      > was much more populated with a ferry bringing a crowd for an evening
      > of dining and dancing at the only restaurant on the island.
      > On 24 July the wind and seas had diminished somewhat, and leaving the
      > harbor under oars with rudder and leeboards up, we cut across a rocky
      > strewn area "forbidden" to boats, without incident.
      > We had a great sail with all reefs shaken out, 10 knots of wind and
      > the sea only about 1 foot. I again had to do several 360's so that I
      > did not get too far ahead.
      > On Friday we retrieved boats, visited the Kotka wooden boat center,
      > and planned next year's event.
      > I return to the US in a few days.
      > Norm Wolfe
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