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Zippered slot covers?

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  • boathead5
    Judging from his last newsletter of 2007, http://homepages.apci.net/%7Emichalak/15dec07.htm#Knockdown%20Recovery% 202 and first newsletter of 2008,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2008
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      Judging from his last newsletter of 2007,


      and first newsletter of 2008,


      Jim has become concerned recently that the cabins of his slot top
      sailboats might be somewhat vulnerable to swamping while capsized. He
      said he plans to draw narrower slots on such future designs, and will
      go back to including drawings for hard segmented covers. I'd be
      curious to see construction details of his covers. Does anyone have a
      couple of images?

      I'm also wondering if a good fabric cover could be rigged that would
      be practical for ordinary service yet would be waterproof and secure
      enough to keep waves from entering the cabin while capsized.

      How about this idea: Install a zipper about 2" inside of the mast side
      of the cover, so that it will lie on the outside vertical face of the
      mast-side "slot rail" when the completed cover is finally installed
      (actually, separate zippers could be used fore and aft of the mast, to
      accommodate that obstruction). "Permanently" attach the completed
      zipped cover to the bottom outside corners of both slot rails with
      closely spaced fastenings, and possibly some waterproof sealant. A few
      bows inserted across the slot opening from underneath will provide a
      nice crown shape to the cover so puddles are prevented from forming.
      When the cover is not desired, it could just be unzipped, rolled to
      the side, and secured with a few ties to the outside of the slot rail.

      Completely waterproof zippers such as those used in dry suits are
      apparently available, but since the zippers would not be directly over
      the slot opening, any leakage should not wet the cabin.

      Maybe someone has some other ideas, or can constructively (I hope!)
      criticize this one.

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