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RE: [Michalak] Re: AF3, new boat builder looking for advise

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    I agree. I and the american public get mis-informed frequently over here. It seems to happen every time there s money to be made by someone who can manipulate
    Message 1 of 25 , Jun 30, 2006
      I agree. I and the american public get mis-informed frequently over here. It seems to happen every time there's money to be made by someone who can manipulate the government or artificially engineer social behavior. It really is a shame and that's as far as I'm going to go with this.


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      You really were mis-informed. Ozone layer depletion
      is a result of halogen radical formation in the upper
      atmosphere from man-made halogenated hydrocarbons
      (CFCs) attacking ozone molecules (three oxygen atoms
      bonded together) and hence depleting them. Ozone is
      important in soaking up UV radiation from the Sun and
      space; this UV radiation is a significant cause of
      skin cancer in the southern hemisphere and elsewhere.
      It doesn't have anything to do with global warming.

      Global warming is the accumulation of man-made carbon
      dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere that creates
      an effective blanket trapping heat within the earth's

      Ozone layer depletion is a particular problem in the
      southern hemisphere as the hole in the ozone layer
      sits somewhere around the Antartic and Australia
      (hence the "Slip, Slap, Slop campaign that my
      antipodean friend from University is always
      counselling me to adopt) but has implications for the
      whole population of the earth due to elevated UV
      levels everywhere.

      Global warming is everyone's problem!

      You may have been mis-informed because it's very easy
      to get confused by the two issues - in the course of
      writing this post I wrote "Global Warming" where I
      meant "Ozone Layer Depletion".

      So what does this mean in terms of boatbuilding?
      Well, in 50 years' time there will, of necessity be
      rather more of it, because the sea levels will be
      higher, due to global warming. However, we may be
      slightly less worried about UV as the hole as been
      closing slowly in recent years. However, with the
      rapid industrialisation of China, India and other
      areas that are not signed up to industrial agreements
      regarding the control of CFC production and use
      (they're the biggest cause of the ozone problem) that
      hole may get blown wide open. However, as the oil
      will have run out, we'll have no epoxy to build the
      things with, so will have to revert to doing things
      the old way! Some may argue that it's not all bad...

      I very much doubt that that has made the issue any
      clearer! (And if anyone's wondering, I'm not a tree
      hugger, I'm a learner Chemical Engineer and we're the
      worst polluters of the lot... I guess you could argue
      I'm trying to improve the system from within...)



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