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Has anyone completed a DockBox?

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  • greyfire69
    Greetings! I ve been thinking about building the little nanoshanty DockBox but I d like to see a finished result, even a scale model. I ve searched the boards
    Message 1 of 33 , Nov 18, 2005
      Greetings! I've been thinking about building the little nanoshanty
      DockBox but I'd like to see a finished result, even a scale model.
      I've searched the boards and found a few messages but nothing about a
      completed one. I browsed around the other groups for pictures but
      didn't find one.

      I've ordered the plans last week and I'm looking forward to seeing
      them. My plans right now are to build a scale model so I can make sure
      this little boat is something my wife and I would enjoy.

      Does anyone know of any finished DockBoxes? If some have been built,
      does anyone know what the stability is like? Is there a chance that
      she could roll? I don't mean by a wave, but just by moving about or
      standing up. I know 8' x 5.5' isn't a lot but I'd like to make sure
      it'll be a safe trip.

      Thanks in advance for any info you can provide on this little boat.
      Hopefully the plans will come in soon and I can get started on that
      model (I'm planning on using 1" = 6" as my scale so I should get a good
      3D view of the construction).

      -=- Steve
    • robrohdeszudy
      That is most certainly true! I ve never been in a storm that would rival some of those wakes. But let s be careful with terminology. Trawler Yacht doesn t
      Message 33 of 33 , Nov 28, 2005
        That is most certainly true! I've never been in a storm that would
        rival some of those wakes.

        But let's be careful with terminology. "Trawler Yacht" doesn't mean
        anything in terms of hull shape or power. It's just a way of selling
        boats with less varnish and lower top speed. These might be true
        displacement, semi-displacement, or brutally overpowered true
        displacement. They might also be just plain bad hull designs for the
        purpose, based too closely on a commercial type that's incompatible
        with the pleasure use. There are a lot of poorly designed boats.

        And, as you and Max observed, there are a lot of poorly used boats in
        all power categories. Most people on the water seem to be half-drunk,
        over-powered yahoos who wouldn't even know where to look for their
        wake. Especially where tourists are prevalent.

        The worst part is that this unsafe and discourteous behavior extends to
        commercial pilots as well. In the Upper Wisconsin Dells I got rocked
        pretty hard by the wake of one of those tour boats. The moron was
        pushing it way past hull speed, wasting barrels of fuel. I wrote a
        letter to the tour company, but never received a reply. On the other
        hand, their other pilots made no wake that would bother a canoe.

        I also ran into a lot of tourists who would realize too late that I was
        in a displacement boat. They'd slow down when they were nearly abreast,
        but that doesn't stop the wake from coming, particularly when it's
        coming downstream. This was compounded by the fact that they all seemed
        to be going at "hump speed". You'd think they'd notice.

        Perhaps some of them will be a little more observant after actually
        encountering a displacement boat there. Otherwise I'll get a megaphone.
        And nobody wants that!


        --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "John Kohnen" <jhkohnen@b...> wrote:
        > Some of the worst wakes I've had the misfortune to suffer in my
        > boats have come from "trawler" yachts. :ob They don't have enough
        power to
        > plane, but they put enough engine in them to push them past hull
        > into the maximum wave-making mode. I think the rationale is to have
        > "reserve power" to buck a gale on the nose, but their operators us
        > "reserve" all the time. <harumph>
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