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9824Re: Midwest Messabout / Food / Trout

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  • wwbaginski
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Max, I didn't catch myself the trouts I ate but I can recommend to
      buy them and rust them either on a camp grill or a home oven. As for
      messabouts here in Poland, who knows? Currently I know only 4
      "classic" boats (classics, I mean mentioned in Duckworksmagazine)to
      take a part. Campjon (me & partner), polepunt (me), green scow you
      probably know from the Vistula photo expedition report, designed and
      built by our friend Jacek Szelazek, and and someone's else Summer
      Breeze. The first three boats will be gathered in the same harbour all
      this summer, so it,s like a permanent messabout. But I,m sure lots of
      people here build their boats themselves, however these bots are
      mostly modern and made of resins. However, recently a few pioneer
      designers made their "instant boat" propositions.

      On the other hand, may be it,s an idea to envisage to "jump in" to
      Poland with a boat on a trailer from other European countries to sail
      on the last big European unregulated river (and support the idea of
      saving her unregulated)? Max and all the colleagues feel invited to do
      it (even with no boat and no passport).


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      > wrote:
      > > Hello Midwest-
      > >
      > > do you have a trout out there?
      > No trout in this particular lake.
      > There is a trout river about 70 miles
      > west of here (Meramec Springs.)
      > Another one about 160 miles from here
      > (Bennett Springs)
      > And a lake about 220 miles from here
      > that is known for trout (lake Taneycomo)
      > Usuallly everyone is too busy palying with
      > the boats to spend much time fishing at these
      > messabouts, anyway.
      > When are you going to have a messabout over there?
      > I would consider going to a messabout in Poland
      > except that :

      > 1) I don't have enough money to pay air fare
      > 2) I don't think the airline would allow me to
      > "carry on" the AF4
      > 3) I would have to get a passport and I think that
      > means I have to get "shots" (injections) and
      > I HATE needles !
      > Keep in touch !
      > Max
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