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9592Model in relation to ballast

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  • Timtone
    May 1, 2005
      >>Given the uncertainties of material weight, as well as gear and crew, I would take a pragmatic approach. Build the model, mark the waterline, put the model in the water, and add ballast until the model floats on her lines!

      Thanks John T. That was the direction I was thinking. In my case, I figure a person could get pretty dang close just referring to historical data. Similar boat/ what ballast. Any discrepancies could be sorted with internal additions....or a Sawzall.

      On this topic, I posted the same question to Jim. (as I mentioned before)
      His reply was interesting and I thought you all might like to read it as well.

      "I'm not sure you can learn anything from a boat model besides what it
      looks like. Some folks disagree and Kilburn Adams told me he worked the
      bugs out of his Skiff America design with a large powered RC model. As
      for ballast calcs, they are related to stability. A lot easier to do now
      that we have programs like Hullform. It the past it usually was not
      calculated, only based on experience. I wrote an essay about the topic
      based mostly on how to figure how much sail your boat can carry."

      Does anyone know the title of that essay?

      Cheers, Tim.

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