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9591Model in relation to ballast

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  • Timtone
    May 1, 2005
      Ronald, David and Howard. Too cool. Thanks very much for the input.
      My head hurts.... and there is a little smoke....but I will recover.

      I don't think in my case, this is going to be too critcal.
      I am just at the very beginnings of thinking about coming up with the design I want for myself. The waterline/model/ballast issue was just one of my first 'stumped' details. Many to come I am sure.
      Just to see how it turns out, just a wee distraction. I have yet to find a design that quite fits my criterium.
      If it turns out as planned at the model stage, then it might become a reality....but not soon.
      I have put too much work into the boat I am currently sailing to move right into another any time soon.

      I have been stimulated by the recent discovery of Jims Design essay. So I, went ahead and started to compile all of my details in one place. Soon to start coming up with some critical dimensions so I can eventually begin layout. Should be fun.

      Cheer and thanks, Tim.

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