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9586Re: [Michalak] Re: Model in relation to ballast

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  • Timtone
    May 1, 2005
      Right. OK. I get you. Makes sense.
      It might be a little tricky scaling a 1/4" ply hull thickness down to 1/4 size. ~:0)
      But there may be some kind of factor that would compensate for the 'natural' ballast of the boat...humans, gear batteries etc.
      I took donshultz's advice and went to the source for advice. I will share the result.

      Cheers, TT

      BTW.....Jim's newsletter essay on drawing and designing a hull is outstanding. I just came a cross it a few days ago. Finally, finding this info at a level my wee brain can comprehend. Eureka.

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      --- "Timtone" <tim@t...> wrote:
      > Can anyone tell me if when you build a scale model
      > of a proposed design, does the ballast of that model relate
      > in scale to the full scale version?
      > In other words, if you did a 1/4 scale model of a 20 foot boat,
      > and found 100 pounds worked well as ballast.
      > Would this mean that 400 lbs. is going to work for the 20 footer?

      In theory (means I have no experience):
      The real boat would be 4 times as long, 4 times as broad, and 4 times
      as high, i.e. at the same WL it would displace 64 times as much water.

      Question is, whether your other weights (hull) are also to 1/4 scale:
      did you use ply that is 1/4 of the designed thickness?....

      So, in reality that 64 will not be exactly. And of course, waves don't
      scale up 1/4, but that is a totally different issue.


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