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850Re: Wondering.

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  • sacalman
    Jun 2, 2002
      Railings are tuff stuff. If you want the real good stuff, you can get
      it in Maple too... Watch out for finger joins though. For a mast you
      want a solid piece.

      I made a very servicable unstayed mast for an Achilles dinghy out of
      concrete float extension handles(available at your local builders
      supply store). These are really good because they come in 5 foot
      lengths, and lock together with about an 8 inch overlap. They are
      hardened Anodized Aluminum and 2 1/2 inches in cross section.

      I plugged the top end with a piece of scrap oak that I turned on a
      lathe and glued in with Epoxy. You probably don't need to do that but
      I thought it might flatten under a load.

      Scott Calman

      --- In Michalak@y..., "lewisboats" <numbaoneman@b...> wrote:
      > In browsing the various groups I lurk on, I see many different
      > used for masts. From hollow ones, done lovingly, to galvanized
      > poles. In my browsings of lumber supply stores, I have come across
      > something that intrigues me. Stair railing. The kind that comes in
      > about 2.5" diameter, with a flat on it. I have seen lengths to 16',
      > and in some verrry clear wood. One wonders if this might not be
      > something to look into? I usually do my own designs, and most are
      > motors. This being said, I have one or two on the back burner for
      > sails and would like a little feedback on the above idea. Thanks
      > for the consideration.
      > Steve.
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