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847Re: [Michalak] Re: Wondering.

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  • Chuck Leinweber
    Jun 1, 2002

      I agree with you about the uses of this stuff. I'm not sure if we have the same thing around here - ours is 1-1/2 inches in diameter (closet rod is 1-1/4") and is made from SYP. I would use it if I had the right application

      In my browsings of lumber supply stores, I have come across
      > something that intrigues me. Stair railing. The kind that comes in
      > about 2.5" diameter, with a flat on it.

      I used stair hand railing for the boom and gaff on my Weekender.
      They are made from Douglas Fir, and I'm very pleased with their

      I would be tempted to use hand rail for a mast on a very small
      sailboat only. If you check the Sail Lacing photos on this board you
      can see the size difference between my mast and the boom & gaff.

      Bill Paxton

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