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  • Dan
    Jul 1, 2004
      THANK YOU everyone who responded to my Jonsboat project I think I'll
      rip it down a bit b-4 bending once again thanks a bunch---Dan--- In
      Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Rich Harris" <r_harris2@h...> wrote:
      > I don't think it makes you sound foolish. You're thinking ahead,
      > that's better than asking how to fix a mess that you've already
      > epoxied together!
      > Re: The bottom hanging over. It is pretty common to trim the
      > after assembly; better to get a boat that fits together than a
      > that fits a particular measurement.
      > I think Chuck's suggestion to rip the sticks down is a good one to
      > try first. It is the simplest, and if it does not do enough, you
      > still try ripping it again and laminating, or wetting and
      > ****************************************************************
      > --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Dan Pichette" <dnsea@c...>
      > > Hello everyone ; I started on jonsboat and have a question that
      > make me look foolish , but , the chines , are they set in with the
      > flat side toward the bottom or the edge on the bottom ? I tried
      > bending with the edge down and it didn't look to promising and the
      > bottom panel will hang over , now I either measured wrong or it
      > like they may go flat side down , but the drawing looks like the
      > goes down ,,,,HELP ! ! Thanks----Dan
      > >
      > >
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