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4810Lead casting

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  • Lincoln Ross
    Nov 3, 2003
      Long ago I did some lead casting to seal an old fashioned plumbing
      setup. (You caulk the flange/pipe joint with Oakum and then pour it in.)
      Later made weights for scuba diving. Anyway, it used to be that plumbing
      supply places carried nice lead pots, ladles, etc. One nice feature is
      they don't look like food pots. We had one idiot in the house who melted
      lead in a fry pan and then didn't want to toss the pan, claiming it was
      well seasoned and wouldn't pick up any lead! I smashed it. We had an
      industrial stove and a really strong hood fan so it was no big deal to
      do it in the kitchen. But there was a certain anxiety walking down the
      hall to the bathroom with a few pounds of molten lead, hoping no one
      came rushing down the stairs. We had another idiot who used the giant
      metal salad bowl to dip boards in wood preservative (of a type since
      removed from the market for excessive toxicity). But that's another
      story which may explain why I'm not smarter.
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